8 Beauty Brands Your Friends Have Probably Never Heard Of

Ready for a unique beauty bag?

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Beauty Brand No. 1:

Context, the Unisex Line That's All Over Instagram

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With sleek, minimal packaging, it's no wonder why Context has been all over your Instagram feed. But the design isn't the only reason why the new unisex skin-care line, which made its debut backstage at Public School's spring 2016 show, is getting attention. Each product is filled with antioxidants, oils, and vitamins A, B5, C, and E, so they're super moisturizing. And, as everyone knows, the key to glowing skin is good hydration.

Hydrating Toner, $35.

Use this alcohol-free toner to help prep the skin to absorb your moisturizer and serums better.

Calm and Clear Set, $85.

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If you have sensitive skin and are looking for a new routine, consider the Calm and Clear Set, which helps hydrates and soothe skin in three steps.

Antioxidant Serum, $50.

This super-hydrating concentrated serum reduces irritation, calms skin, and conditions skin with just a few pumps. Consider this your new go-to. All products available at contextskin.com.

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Beauty Brand No. 2:

Noto Botanics, the Multitasking Line That Cuts Your Morning Routine in Half

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If your collection of serums, sprays, moisturizers, and masks is starting to crowd your vanity, it might be time to try a simpler approach. Noto Botanics offers simple that can keep your face, hair, and body looking and feeling fresh. Just spray with a mist, treat with a serum, and lock in all that moisture with an oil.

Basil Yarrow Mist – Face + Hair, $29.

Need a wake-up call? This gentle toning mist can be sprayed all over to refresh your hair, face, and body.

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Deep Serum – Face + Neck, $48.

All you need is a few pumps of this nutrient-rich oil to hydrate your face and neck. Marula and rosehip seed oils give this serum anti-inflammatory properties to keep your complexion clear and calm.

Rooted Oil – Scent + Hair, $55.

The earthly scent of this bergamot and cardamom oil is reason enough to gently rub it into dry strands. Feel free to massage it on your neck and wrists as a natural fragrance, too.All products available at notobotanics.com.

Beauty Brand No. 3:

Han, the All-Natural Makeup Line That's Actually Affordable

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There are a lot of natural beauty products out there, but Han is one of the best. They use plant, fruit, and vegetable pigments for high-impact colors. All of their products are also free of parabens and chemical preservatives, and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy (while sitting pretty).

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Cheek & Lip Tint in Rose Berry, $14.

If you only carry one makeup product in your bag, make it this 2-in-1 tint, which delivers a sheer, buildable wash of color for cheeks and lips.

Lip Gloss in Nude Rose, $14.

For a natural-looking shine, just apply a thin swipe of this argan- and acai-oil-based lip gloss.

Malibu Bronzer, $16.

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Brush this talc-free bronzer along your cheekbones, forehead, and nose for a healthy glow.All products available at hanscc.com.

Beauty Brand No. 4:

Kosås, the Prettiest Lip Colors You'll Ever Need

A beauty look is never complete until it has a swipe of the perfect lipstick. (And sometimes that swipe is the entire beauty look.) Lately, Kosås is the brand that has the colors we want to wear every day of the week. They currently only have seven shades, but those shades cover all bases. (Bonus: The lipsticks are super-hydrating, too.)

Stardust Weightless Lip Color, $24.

If you want a sheer wash of color, pick up Stardust. It has a slightly pink and brown tint, so it creates the perfect not-quite-nude nude lip.

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Rosewater Weightless Lip Color, $24.

Made with green tea, rosehip, and grapeseed oils, plus mango and shea butter, this sheer pink tint leaves you with soft, plump lips.

Undone Weightless Lip Color, $24.

With berry tones, Undone is basically the updated version of the '90s brown lip.All products available at kosascosmetics.com.

Beauty Brand No. 5:

Sans [Ceuticals], the Natural Hair Line Made Specifically for You

If your hair is looking meh but you're not quite sure what it's in need of, San [Ceuticals] will do all the heavy lifting to make sure your routine is working for you. A simple quiz on the brand's website will diagnose your hair needs, so you can choose from a selection of recommended products that will work best. Consider it a pretty-looking online pharmacy for good-hair days.

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Nourishing Hair Wash, $27.

This sulfate-free hair wash is a savior for dry, damaged strands. It contains amino acids to fortify weakened keratin—plus, it's color-safe.

pH + Shine Corrector, $34.

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When you treat and color your hair, its pH can be thrown off easily, making it look dull and drab. A pH corrector not only saves your hair health—it also makes it look shinier and nourished in the long run.

Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra +, $26.

This cream has almost four times as many hydrating and strengthening ingredients as a typical conditioner, so you'll get the most out of each hair-washing session.All products available at sansceuticals.com.

Beauty Brand No. 8:

La Tierra Sagrada, the Brand That Makes Shampooing Feel Fancy

If washing and styling your hair feels like a chore, it's time to meet La Tierra Sagrada. The holistic hair line was derived from sacred plant medicines, to make tending to your strands feel like a cherished ritual. With natural ingredients like jojoba, coconut, and essential oils, the line is gentle and effective.

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Treatment, $18.

When your hair is really in need of some R&R, an intense hair mask is the answer. This coconut-oil based option works best when it's allowed to melt into your strands for at least an hour—or even overnight.

Salt Spray, $14.

Salt can be dehydrating, so this spray contains rosemary to keep your hair healthy while also encouraging a natural wave.

Jojoba, $24.

This jojoba oil blend contains additional ingredients like lavender, rosemary, and vitamin E to strengthen hair, add shine, and hydrate dry ends.All products available at latierrasagradahair.com.

Beauty Brand No. 7:

Drifter Organics, the Mother-Daughter Team That Makes the Most Soothing Body Butters

Would you start a business with your mom? Photo by Aaron Wojack

When Micaela Hoo's long list of allergies started interfering with her health, she and her mom decided to take a harder look at not just what was going into their bodies, but what was going on their bodies, too. From there, a bit of DIY experimentation led to the founding of Drifter Organics.

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Blushing Ambition Body Butter in Mini Size, $24.

"It was hard to find body butters or lotions that Micaela could use," says co-founder Dawn Marie Hoo. "I just got on the internet and started looking at a lot of recipes. We went out and bought shea butter, cocoa butter, different carrier oils, and essential oils. It was a lot of trial and error to get a good recipe with a good consistency."

Serenity Now Body Butter, $45.

The mother-daughter duo makes all their organic body butters right in their kitchen, finishing off each jar with a label of Micaela's own design. "I saw a huge gap in the market for natural skin care that didn't have that whole kind of hippy-dippy, earth tone aesthetic or cringeworthy graphic design," says Micaela. "I wanted to make something that was feminine but still modern, that would appeal to both millennials and people my mom's age."

These body butters are made with certified organic ingredients—plus plenty of love and care. Photo by Aaron Wojack

The pair is staying focused on making body butters (and a lip balm), and their focus on creating all-natural, organic products is central to their mission. "Our tagline 'Nature Looks Good on You' speaks to slow living and how we're really feeding ourselves, what we're surrounding ourselves with, and what we're putting on our skin," says Micaela.

Barefoot in the Park Body Butter, $48.

With a year of business under their belt, the Drifter Organics team proves that a mother-daughter duo can be pretty unstoppable. "As a parent, it's nice to be able to still feel connected with Micaela," says Dawn Marie. "A lot of time, by the time your child gets in their teens, they start to drift away. It's nice that we can work on this as partners."All products available at drifterorganics.com.

Beauty Brand No. 8:

Eir, the Organic Skin-Care Line That Will Keep You Fresh All Summer

With all the sweat and UV rays that come from enjoying warm weather, summer can leave your skin feeling a little, well, gross. Organic unisex line Eir can help you out there. The chemical-, paraben-, and artificial-fragrance-free brand is designed to help heal damaged skin and prevent further damage from being done to it. Count us in.

Sunset Oil, $35.

Whether your skin is red or not, make sure to finish off a day in the sun by applying Sunset Oil. It will help reverse the damage from prolonged exposure to UV rays, salt, and wind.

Pitted Deodorant, $22.

Formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, arrowroot, baking soda, and rosemary essential oils, this fir-needle-scented deodorant helps moisturize underarms and will leave you smelling fresh.

Post Sessions Salt, $20.

Recovering from an especially committed beach volleyball game? Toss three tablespoons of this concoction into a bath and it will help soothe your sore muscles.All products available at eirnyc.com.

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