This New Moisturizer Could Be the Secret Weapon You Need

Dry skin is the worst, so I went on a quest for the perfect moisturizer to solve all of my patchy, flaky skin problems.

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The Dry-Skin Struggle Is Real

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There are few things more disheartening than waking up, looking in the mirror, and seeing gross white patches on your face. A skin-care problem is a huge deal for me. Every morning and night I sit at my vanity applying a multi-step regimen so that I can avoid looking like I'm almost 50 when I reach the ripe age of 35 (I've still got a while, though). So you can imagine my horror at recently coming face-to-mirror-face with a bout of dryness plaguing my well-tended skin. I'm talking discolored areas that either looked like low-key burns or scratches. On top of that, I had a cold and my nose was getting red-raw.

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In an effort to make these problems disappear, I went on a skin-changing journey and realized that I can't just slather any moisturizer on my face in the hopes that it will work a miracle.

The Art of Experimentation

As a beauty editor, I get sent tons and tons of products on a weekly basis; dozens of different hydrators have come across my desk. I had everything from drugstore brands to super-luxe items on my roster and I dove into them all, face first.

But I failed to find the antidote. I considered other reasons why my skin was suffering so badly. I increased my water consumption to make sure I was hydrated from the inside out. I cut out alcohol and coffee for a little while. Even though these measures were making me feel better internally, I would still get midday dryness, which I often tried combating with a facial mist and serum at my desk. I exfoliated and saw a couple of patches around my nose and cheeks go away, but my chin and jawline still peeled, big time. I even went so far to change my methods of application, and put on creams immediately post-cleanse (which was a mess) or waited for a while for my skin to dry (which made my face feel too tight).

Then, I went to the Sisley Paris store in New York City and saw an aesthetician who tended to my delicate complexion with soft hands and an even softer product. The moisturizer in question? Sisley Paris's newest addition to its Black Rose collection: Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream.

The Winner Takes All of My $$$

Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, $195,

OK, so $195 is a lot of money for one small jar of moisturizer, but hear me out. Once the aesthetician patted the product onto my skin, the tightness and roughness that was once there seemed to smooth away. Of course, it didn't solve the problem in 30 seconds, but as soon as I felt that pink-tinted concoction seep into my skin, I sort of fell in love—if love feels like your world is finally coming together and you have one less dry patch to worry about. I took home a jar and have been using it day and night ever since. The ingredients, which include vitamin E, hibiscus flower, and black rose, come together to nourish and repair damaged skin, while giving it some seriously deep hydration.

It's been about two weeks and I've had quite a good run. It's so good that when I gently wash my face in the morning, I can still feel the silkiness that the moisturizer leaves behind from the night before. The only thing I take issue with is that it's a tad bit hard to rub in, especially if there's water left on your face from cleansing. I recommend patting your face dry first, then pressing a quarter-sized amount into your face and neck—because you never want to forget the neck!

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