The Skincare Line for Commitment-Phobes

Onomie takes the risk out of online beauty shopping.

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A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment by Onomie
Bright Concealing Elixir by Onomie
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Shopping online for makeup is convenient, but buying anything new via a computer screen presents an obvious problem: it's nearly impossible to find the perfect shade. Luckily, Onomie has a solution so simple, we're wondering why more beauty brands aren't already on board.

The New York skincare line takes the guesswork out of online beauty shopping with its try-before-you-buy Starter Kit. You can test a week's worth of three different shades of its best-selling Bright Concealing Elixir for just $4, so you can pick the ideal hue for your skin tone. Once you find it, the credit from your Starter Kit is applied to the full-size version. With ingredients like alfalfa extract (to combat puffiness), Brazilian ginseng (to reduce dark circles), and vitamin C (which brightens skin around the eyes), it's a match worth finding—and now there's an easy way to score it without setting foot inside a store.

Onomie A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment, $32; Onomie Bright Concealing Elixir, $26; all

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