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And we mean everything. Find out why one Sweet editor's taste pretty much revolves around golden beauty products—maybe yours should, too?

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I clearly remember my first time opening a MAC Cosmetics product. I was 14 years old and it technically wasn't mine—I stole it (along with an expensive powder brush) from my eldest sister's bathroom during a weekend visit to her apartment in Washington, D.C. She didn't need it, I reasoned, but I sure did.

The packaging was a simple, minimalist black, but as soon as I opened the case, my eyes lit up at the sight of the glittering powder within. It was like the cosmetic equivalent of locking eyes with someone across the room—an electric, sparkling moment of recognition. The product, which is still available today, is from MAC's bronzer line, and it came in the perfect shade: gold. 

Bronzing Powder, $26,
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I used the bronzer until it started to crack. Every morning, I applied it to my entire face before school (present-day Chanel is cringing right now) and I thought it was the prettiest thing to ever exist in this world. Today, my application skills and ability to buy my own makeup have improved, but if there's one thing that's constant in my life, it's my devotion to golden beauty products.

I have a darker skin tone (a friend likens it to "a smooth batch of chocolate pudding"), and find that gold is the most flattering, go-to color that is guaranteed to work for me in any situation. I can swipe on a glistening flick of eyeliner during the day or highlight my temples and cheeks with a gilded powder at night—gold lends itself to many possibilities, it seems.  

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After I graduated college, I found out about an eyeliner purported to be the perfect combination of gold and brown, so I dropped $17 on it without question. (Another MAC product, yes—the brand just knows gold pigment.) I wore it for two months straight. 

Eye Kohl in Powersurge, $17,

Furthermore, if someone else likes gold, I, by extension, like them. Laura Geller became one of those people when her brand released a dazzling shade of highlighter, which was included in the aptly titled Baked Gelato collection—apt, because my eyes turned into sugary swirls just looking at it. On any given night out, this powder will be dusted delicately on my cheeks. 

Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey, $26,

Even when a gold product doesn't really work, I can still find a place in my heart for it. Before Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out in December 2015, CoverGirl released a limited-edition collection of makeup in its honor. The concepts were conceived by makeup artist Pat McGrath (whose Gold 001 pigment I failed to get before it sold out last October), and there was a gold lipstick involved. It's not very wearable, but who cares? It still occupies a coveted spot on my vanity. 

The Star Wars lipstick is no longer available, but you can find a similar shade from Dolce & Gabbana for $35 on

I was recently blessed with a beautiful piece of luxury from Chanel: A jar of the brand's Sublimage La Créme. The cream itself isn't gold, but the packaging is, and packaging definitely counts in my book. Even just being in its presence makes me feel like an Old Hollywood movie star with expensive potions to spare.

Sublimage La Creme, $400,

The cream itself is so soft that it feels like clouds are gently planting kisses on my face. Even when it's all gone, I'll never let that little gold jar go—I'll simply find something else for it to hold.

Ready to bring a little gold into your beauty routine, too? Peruse a few additional picks below! 

  1. Mega Shine Lip Gloss, $5,
  2. Goldie, $10,
  3. 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask by Peter Thomas Roth, $80,
  4. Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, $32,
  5. Clay Mask in Gold, $18,
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