Is This L.A.'s Best New Cosmetics Brand?

Celebrity makeup artist, editor, and artist Gloria Noto has been using her homemade products on her high-profile clients for years—now they're available to all.

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There are many ways to describe what Gloria Noto does. The Los Angeles resident is an in-demand makeup artist for fashion editorials and red carpet events (she's worked with Shailene Woodley, Haim, and Olivia Wilde) and an editor of the beautiful art journal Work Magazine. On top of those gigs, Noto now owns and operates her own natural makeup and skin-care line, Noto Botanics. (Then there's the painting, the photography, and the guitar-playing—even multi-hyphenates have their hobbies.)

Painting is just one of Noto's many creative outlets—she has an easel set up at home.
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"Playing with the extremes has shown me the joy of fantasy and the joy of simplification."

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The chaos feels natural to Noto. "I have a lot of different faces, different curiosities, and different things that turn me on," she says.

Noto getting ready to play guitar. She notes Prince and David Bowie as two of her influences.

The latest thing turning her on? Her new cosmetics brand, which is made up of a diverse range of natural, nourishing ingredients. The eco-friendly products started out simply as home recipes—until she found herself using them regularly at work—and aim to promote wellness inside and out.

A selection of Noto Botanics products.

Noto's Rooted Oil body and hair fragrance blends together ingredients such as Somali frankincense and argan oil to moisturize skin and act as an antiseptic. Another hit item is the Deep Serum, which brightens skin with its vitamin-rich formula, including marula, grapefruit, and wild carrot oils.

Rooted Oil, $60,
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