Exfoliate Like Never Before

The Dermaflash is a new gadget that makes expensive salon treatments possible at home—more often and for less money. Could it be the game-changer your skin-care routine needs? Find everything you need to know about it below!

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We're probably all aware that exfoliation is an integral part of any effective skin-care regimen. But things get murky when it comes to precisely how to exfoliate (there are more options than you might think), how deeply to exfoliate, and how often. The answer to each of these questions will depend on the type of skin you have, and what level of improvements you're after.

"I would pretty much like to replace the skin I have and start over with new skin, please."

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If the level of improvement you're looking for is somewhere along the lines of "I would pretty much like to replace the skin I have and start over with new skin, please," then this product will be of interest to you. In fact, you may have already tried something similar at a dermatologist's office—does dermaplaning ring a bell, by any chance?

It does what a scrub would do much more quickly and dramatically.

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Dermaplaning is, basically, exfoliation by scalpel. The process entails the use of a blade to carefully exfoliate the skin by scraping off the top layer of dead skin cells, which reveals the fresher, brighter skin beneath. It does what a scrub would do much more quickly and dramatically. The treatment is most frequently used by those who have dull skin, rough texture, or peach fuzz they'd like to see gone, and it was something best left to the professionals—until the Dermaflash came along.

There are a few basic steps for using the Dermaflash, which is supposed to be used once a week. Here's what it was like when we took the product for a spin:

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Step 1: Are You Ready?

First, you prepare your skin by using a small amount of the "Prep" cleanser. (It's important to make sure that all makeup is removed before you use the device.) And, actually, back up: Five hours before this, you should plug in the device. It will need to be charged for your first use, obviously, and believe us, it is a sad thing to be "prepped" almost half a day early.

Step 2: Scalpel!

The device comes with a container of blades, so that you'll have a fresh one for each use. To insert a blade, you simply slide the device onto the top of the blade container and it will attach itself. Finally: the "fun" can begin.

Step 3: Mow the Lawn

Making sure that your hair is secured away from your face, you can begin lightly pulling the device in "short, feathery strokes" across your skin, starting from the outer edges and moving in. The only areas of your face that are off-limits are the lips, nose, and eyebrows (really, anywhere you have hair that's more than peach fuzz should be carefully avoided). When you've finished this part, you've essentially done what a dermatologist does during dermaplaning, only you haven't left your house, or spent any money on an appointment. The whole thing feels a little bit like mowing a lawn.

Step 4: Soak It Up

Post-exfoliation is one of the best times to treat your skin to nourishing ingredients, since its prepped to absorb everything more deeply. So now is your moment to use the "Soothe" cream, which is packed with things like aloe and chamomile that your new (see: vulnerable) skin will need. Take advantage of the next 24 hours and continue to add as much moisturizer and other vitamins as your skin is willing to drink up.

So... Hey, Hi, Excuse Me: Did It Work?

Oh, right! Well, like with any kind of beauty product or routine: consistency will bring the most rewarding results. But we can say that even after our first spin (or "mow," if you will) our skin seemed to have a smoother texture, and because it absorbed the moisturizer so thoroughly, had a nice, dewy look the next day. The only drawback we can report at this stage is having to wait another week to do it again.

Dermaflash Facial Exfoliating Device, $189, sephora.com.

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