It's Time to Rethink Your Eye Makeup

The go-to eye makeup look on runways recently? Less product, more impact. One way to do this at home is by applying tiny, graphic eye accents, created with small amounts of product. They're quick, easy, and customizable—meaning you can translate these high-fashion techniques into your everyday routine! See our favorite looks below, then learn how to achieve them yourself.

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Eye accents—fun little shapes and details drawn on and around the eye—are great options for those times when you want to take your makeup in a more artistic direction. (Also nice: they require minimal effort and product.) And because these fresh takes on basic cat eyes and blended eyeshadow don't follow the rules of traditional application, you have license to improvise with colors and shapes.

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This year, lots of fashion designers used minimal accents to complement their ready-to-wear collections. Here, we pick out five stunning looks that we're confident you can achieve with nothing more than your bathroom mirror and a little imagination.

Choose your favorite accent below and give it a shot, then snap us the results. Remember: You can customize any of these!

The Right Angle

This graphic look was created for the Ratier spring/summer 2016 show at São Paulo Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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Get the Look: Using white eyeliner, draw a right angle at the inner part of your brow bone. From there, extend a horizontal line over the top of the lid, and draw a vertical line from the right angle, down to the inner corner of your eye. Fill in the inner curve of your top lid as much as you want, leaving the outer corner of the top lid blank. For added fun, use a silver or gray colored eyeliner, instead of white.

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Silver Eyeliner

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Gray Eyeliner

Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner in Grey by Ardency Inn, $20,

Dippin' Glitter Dots

Sparkling eye makeup at the Helo Rocha spring/summer 2016 show. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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Get the Look: Prep your eyelids with a concealer or primer. Then, using your finger or a small eyeshadow brush, add a dot of glitter eyeshadow to the following spots: the outer corner of your lid, the middle of the lid, and the inner corner pocket of your eyes. Let those be guidelines for where you'll add more sparkle! Dab more product on those dots, until they lose shape, as this look is all about disorder. Clean up any stray glitter and then add a swipe of mascara to your lashes. 

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Glitter Eyeshadow

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The Cornered Cat Eye

A new play on the classic cat eye for the Lenny Niemeyer spring/summer 2016 show. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images

Get the Look: A black, felt-tip liquid eyeliner is a great tool for this. First, draw a fine line of product on the top lash line. Then, starting from the outer corner of your lower lash line, draw another thin line up until the tip is parallel to the end of your eyebrow. Add a short right angle to the inner corner of your brow bone—et voilá, you're done! 

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Black Liquid Eyeliner

Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner by Hourglass, $32,
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Gold Negative Space

The unfinished eye makeup from the Leonard fall/winter 2016 show actually makes for a polished look. Photograph courtesy of Marco Tassini/Getty Images

Get the Look: This is easier to complete than it might appear, but make sure to maintain a steady hand throughout application. Apply a thin wash of bronze-gold or golden-brown eyeshadow to the bottom of your top lid, right against the lash line. Using a crease brush, add more of the color in a rounded V-shape at the outer corner of your eyes. Then, apply the same shade to the inner corner. There should be a blank spot, or negative space, between the inner and outer corner of the eye. Add more layers of color to the corners for a bold, night-out look.

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Gold Eyeshadow

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The Flipped Classic

This single line makes a big impact at the Mila Schon fall/winter 2016 show. Photograph courtesy of Selin Alemdar/Getty Images

Get the Look: A gel eyeliner in any color will create the creamy finish you want for this pretty, yet simple, makeup. Add a dab of concealer or translucent primer as a nice base. Once that sets, draw a clean line that goes along your brow bone (from the inner to outer curve). Apply about two more layers on top of that line. Clean up any excess with a cotton swab.

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