Good Vibrations for Cleaner, Clearer Skin

The Luna Mini 2 is a newer, more advanced version of a traditional electric facial brush. Filled with unique technology, the device will put your cloth-and-cleanser routine to shame.

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You wash your face regularly in the hope of getting rid of all the dirt and grime that's accumulated throughout the day—but it turns out your cleaning routine might be the very cause of your problems. Using a cloth, or your hands, to splash water onto your face could be the reason you still break out or have dull skin.

That's why facial brushes exist: they actively and efficiently wipe your skin clean with the use of bristles, which are cleaner and softer on your skin. You've probably heard of the Clarisonic, which uses an electronic head and fiber bristles to simultaneously cleanse and exfoliate skin. While that brush is beloved for good reason, I decided to take a shot with something newer—and, to be honest, cooler-looking.

Luna Mini 2, $139,
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Beauty company Foreo recently released the Luna Mini 2, a compact version of its original Luna 2 facial brush. The small wonder looks like a seashell and uses silicone bristles—both because of their bacteria-resistant qualities, and how gentle the material is on skin. The brush has two sides: one with thin bristles for dry, sensitive areas, and the other with thick bristles for clogged, oily spots, like the T-zone. The Luna comes in different colors (I try the delightfully bright Sunflower Yellow shade), and it has eight different speeds for gentle cleansing, intense exfoliation, and everything in between.

If I use it twice a day for the next decade, I'll be able to get about 7,300 washes out of the facial brush.

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The brand claims that the Luna Mini 2 can last for 10 years, which means if I use it twice a day for the next decade, I'll be able to get about 7,300 washes out of the facial brush. And you never have to change the head! Looks like the $139 price tag is worth it.

The device should yield cleaner, smoother, glowing skin—all of which I need, considering my face is going through blemish attack mode in combination with a few scattered dry spots.

Here are some tips I gathered from my first experience using the Luna Mini 2.

Tip #1: It Needs to Charge

Imagine my frustration when I excitedly rip open the package, quickly scan the directions, and press the power button—only to realize it's dead. (Like any other electronic device you own, you need to charge the Luna before use.) I let mine sit on the (included) charger when I go to bed, anxiously awaiting using it in the morning.

Tip #2: Don't Be Afraid to Use Water

I know, it's a bit scary to run something electronic underwater—but the Luna is waterproof! Eager to finally test it out, I apply the brush to my face without wetting it. But I instantly feel the unpleasant friction without the added moisture. I decide to put it under the faucet and pray I don't get electrocuted. Once it's wet, the Luna glides beautifully against my face—which is covered in my current favorite soap, Frank's Creamy Face Cleanser. 

Creamy Face Cleanser, $20,
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Tip #3: Test the Speeds on Your Hands First

The brush offers eight different speeds, which is great, but they can be alarming the first time you use them. I play around with the intensities on the back of my hand and choose the one I feel most comfortable applying to my precious face. I start off at level two, with a plan to work myself up to higher levels down the road.

Tip #4: Follow the Timing Guidelines

The brand suggests spending an entire minute cleansing your face with the brush—30 seconds for the cheeks and chin, 15 seconds for the T-zone, and 15 seconds for the sides of your nose, where blackheads can form. (The thing is so smart and helpful, it even produces a heavier pulse to indicate when each 15-second interval has passed.)

I closely follow these rules and I'm astonished because, even in the middle of cleaning, I can already feel the surface getting smoother. (There's also a slight warm, tingly sensation, but that's probably due to this being my first trial.) 

Tip #5: Resist the Urge to Touch Your Face Afterward

Never in my life have I seen such quick results as I do after using the Luna. My skin feels like silk, and I can't stop touching it, which is a problem considering that's probably what got my face in a blemished mess in the first place.

The bumps on my chin, once rough, are now soft, and my cheeks look brighter. I stand in front of the bathroom mirror for about two more minutes (which annoyed my roommate, I'm sure) examining every sparkling spot on my face, just to make sure this newfound radiance isn't a fluke. 

After I confirm it's real, I decide to skip the light coverage makeup I occasionally wear, and apply my sunscreen and serum. Hours later, as I'm sitting at my desk, I discover my face is still silky smooth, and I'm in a good mood for the rest of the afternoon.

All in all, I give the Luna Mini 2 a standing ovation, and definitely plan on enjoying the next 7,299 washes it's built to provide. 

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