There's Something in the Water

Thai mineral water is making a big splash in skin care, by way of a new luxury beauty brand, Appriya. Find out why it's being hailed as the key to better, brighter skin—then get the lowdown on some of Thailand's other stellar cosmetics brands.

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Water may seem like the least interesting ingredient in beauty products, but just hold on a minute.

A new luxury skin-care brand, Appriya, actually bases all of its products on water. Specifically, mineral water from Thailand.  

Ultimate Nourishment Collection, $489,
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Journey to the Clear Wonder

Oui Coulson, Appriya's co-founder, discovered the healing powers of the water during a relaxing swim with the brand's other co-founder, Dikka Amuchastegui. "After taking a dip, we saw the immediate result of smooth skin," says Coulson. "Overnight, mosquito bites and acne inflammation were significantly reduced and hyperpigmentation, which typically follows [a breakout], was nonexistent."

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After more analysis of the water, Coulson learned that the soothing powers come from minerals found in Thailand's terrain. "The minerals within our Appriya water reflect the mountainous region of Thailand, which feature silica, copper, and a hint of hydrogen peroxide," she says. "All of these occur naturally and they help collagen fibers stay strong and flexible, reduce inflammation, and balance oxygen levels."

The pair decided to use the water in a range of beauty products, which currently consists of two serums and a day and night cream (a cleanser and a mineral tonic are coming soon). 

Comprehensive Mineral Day & Night Cream, $189,

Potency Matters

Coulson explains that Appriya values minimally processed waters in order for customers to reap the greatest benefits of the minerals. "The traditional distillation and purification process removes many unhealthy contaminants in source water," Coulson says, "but, it also removes naturally occurring minerals." 

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The brand also adds other emollient ingredients to the mix. "Aside from the mineral water, Appriya uses coconut oil and lotus flower extract to leave skin calm, bright, and balanced," she says. "We feel strongly about using natural and minimally processed ingredients."

Mineral Complex Serum, $239,
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With healing properties like the ones Appriya boasts, could Thailand-based beauty one day rival the almighty cosmetic customs of Korea? Maybe, but Coulson isn't as worried about beating out a specific region—instead, she's dedicating her time to finding the next body of water to tap.

"For us, the focus is truly on the power of the mineral water—these can be found around the world in similarly pure, untouched locations," she says. "The waters and their unique makeup will showcase the benefits and the diversity of what these individual areas have to offer."

Want to know more about Thailand's beauty treasures? Check out great brands that source ingredients from the country, too.


The featured ingredient in Thann's skin- and hair-care range is oryza sativa, a rice that contains vitamin E in its oily extract. The brand's products also include shiso herb, which is a minty plant that tones and brightens skin. 

Oriental Essence Rice Grain Soap Bar, $10,
Shiso Astringent Toner, $38,


Harnn started with one product in 1999: a rice bran oil soap. Now there are full collections for body and hair that are used in the brand's spa in Bangkok. 

Cymbopogon Hair Nourishment Conditioner, $18,
Jasmine Intensive Body Moisturizer, $52,


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Jasmine flower is the backbone of Pañpuri's exclusive formulas, which combat free radicals to keep skin resilient in the face of environmental stressors. 

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