The Only Blush Guide You'll Ever Need

Follow our simple instructions for perfect application—organized by face shape—and you'll never have to wonder if you're doing it right again. (Spoiler alert: You're probably not! But we've got you.)

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Face Shape: Round

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The Technique: Start with your brush in the middle of the apple of your cheek, then pull it upward in a curved motion until you hit the temple. Blend the color with that same motion until you reach your preferred hue.

Bonus Tip: Avoid adding color close to the inner- and under-eye areas, as well as to your nose—if those spots are filled in, the blush will overpower your face, instead of opening it up. 

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Face Shape: Square

The Technique: Keep color focused on the apple of your cheeks. This will draw attention to the middle of your face and soften up hard angles.

Bonus Tip: Lightly dab on color with a brush to build upon the look, as this approach is less likely to create stark lines or too much contrast. It also prevents powder from falling out of place during application.

Face Shape: Long 

The Technique: Apply your preferred product in a horizontal line on the apple of your cheeks, pulling the brush toward your ears. This will create a focal point at the center of your face which will hold together the rest of your makeup look.

Bonus Tip: Blend, then blend some more! The more defined the line, the more harsh the overall look will be, so blur the edges for a more natural flush. Blend and apply at the same time by moving your brush in small, circular motions.

Face Shape: Heart 

The Technique: Add depth to the lower parts of your face by adding a touch of color right under the cheekbones. This could be achieved by sucking in your cheeks—the caved-in areas mark the spots that need application—then blend up and out.

Bonus Tip: Use shades of blush that complement your skin tone. A color that's too dark will dramatically change the natural shape of your face.

Face Shape: Oval

The Technique: Glide product over the apples of your cheeks at a 45-degree angle, making sure color is parallel with the outer-corner of your eye, not your temples.

Bonus Tip: Test your angles before applying! Place the tip of a brush handle (or your finger) at the outside corner of your eye, then rotate the tool inward until the bottom hits the middle of your top lip. This will mark the angle at which you should apply and ensure that you won't create lines that are too steep. 

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