RIP, Your Makeup

If it were up to you, your favorite lipsticks and blushes would stay in your makeup bag forever. We totally understand! But alas, formulas pick up bacteria over time, and they also have a tendency to dry, crack, and melt once they're past their prime. Keep track of the expiration of your cosmetics with our easy visual guide below.

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If you fear that some of your unopened or unused makeup will expire before you get the chance to use it, consider some of the following solutions.

Donate: There are various foundations, such as Beauty Bus, that accept packaged cosmetics (for more information, check out Locally, you can also donate to women's, LGBTQ+, or at-risk youth shelters—it's a great way to give something special to those in need, beyond the necessities we are used to donating.  

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Create Makeup Care Packages: Gather all those leftover samples and pack them together as fun surprise gift for a friend. You could build a "career makeup" box filled with red lipstick, mascara, and blush for the friend who just landed a new job. Or you could treat your sister to a basket of eyeliners, complete with your hand-written directions for achieving the perfect cat-eye. Get creative! 

Customize Colors and Effects: If you can't seem to part with those dreamy cream blushes or that set of lipglosses, consider creating custom makeup. Just crack open your colors and mix them together as you see fit (you should do this with similar formulas, so a gloss with a gloss, a powder with a powder, etc.). You can also try using products for new purposes—add that unopened glitter powder to your lips for night-time adventures or transform that clear mascara into a brow tamer.

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