Easy Hairstyles for Summer Adventures

All your big summer plans are probably locked in by now, and the kinds of things that are left to worry about involve how you're going to wear your hair to wedding number four and how you'll keep it tamed on that beach trip next weekend. Great summer hair starts with styling that suits the season—that means looks that require minimal effort, product, and time.

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For Short Lengths

Tapered High-Top

A model backstage at the À La Garçonne spring/summer 2016 show at São Paulo Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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A short curly crop can be transformed with a little fluffing and a defining product.   

The Technique: Even if the sides of your hair aren't tapered, you can still play with this look. With damp hair, apply a styling pomade or gel to the sides and smooth them down as much as you can. Then work the same product through the hair on the top of your head, finger-combing strands in an upward motion so hair stands upright. Tousle a little bit to loosen the texture and you're done!

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Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly by Curls, $25, curlmart.com.

Structured Mushroom

A model gets her makeup applied before the Helo Rocha spring/summer 2016 show at São Paulo Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Victor Virgile/Getty Images
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Like it or not, mushroom haircuts are making a comeback, but you don't need the exact cut to apply the style shown in the photo above—pixies of various lengths will do just fine.

The Technique: Smooth a pomade over dry hair, pushing the hair toward your forehead as if creating makeshift bangs. Finish with a glossing spray and tame any flyaways with extra pomade.

The Star Product

Modify Pomade by Hanz de Fuko, $18, birchbox.com.

For Medium Lengths

The Stylish Rat Tail

A model snapped backstage at the House of Cannon resort 2017 show at Australia Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images
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This two-step style is the unexpected accent that will complement any outfit—and it's accommodating to multiple hair types.

The Technique: Run a smoothing milk or serum through your dry strands and then part your hair on your preferred side. Take a section of hair from the nape of your neck and braid it down to the front of your shoulder. Push the rest of your hair back behind your ears and leave the braid resting above or in front of your shoulder.

The Star Product

High-Gloss Serum, $49, glossmoderne.com.
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Slicked Flip

A runway shot of a model during the Dior spring/summer 2017 cruise showcase at Blenheim Palace. Photograph courtesy of Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images

This sleek style looks pulled-together, despite the very little effort it takes to achieve it. You can sail through day appointments and night events with this one.

The Technique: Slick back damp hair with your hands and work in a light pomade to give the style hold. Tuck the hair behind your ears and spray about five pumps of texturizing spray to the ends—if you have thicker hair, go for about three more. Muss them up a bit by scrunching with your fingers for more dimension. For added fun, place colorful bobby pins in the spot where the smooth and textured hair meet.

The Star Product

Messy Hair Sea Salt + Argan Texturizing Spray by Plantfolk Apothecary, $24, urbanoutfitters.com.
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Braided Pony

A braided ponytail at Yuxin's resort 2017 show at Australia Resort Week. Photograph courtesy of Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

A traditional ponytail is fine for everyday wear. But when attending a wedding or an elevated version of a backyard BBQ hang, add some depth to a typical pony with some French braids.

The Technique: Part your hair down the middle with a skinny rat-tail comb and complete two french braids on either side of the part. Gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Pull a couple of strands out of the pony and wrap the hair around the elastic, then tuck the remainder back under the elastic.

The Star Product

8-inch Tail Comb 2 Count, $2, target.com.
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For Long Lengths

Stacked Buns

A model's hair at the Jennifer Kate resort 2017 show during Australia Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Graham Denholm/Getty Images
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Sure, you can throw your hair up into a casual bun—but on a day when you're feeling creative, or when you need an easy updo for a night out, try this cool take on a classic style.

The Technique: Smooth damp hair down with a serum or styling balm, then fasten hair into two low pigtails that are positioned closely next to each other. Bring the tails together (at the points where they're both secured) and then loop a hair tie to gather them into a low, downward-facing bun. Then fold the leftover tail into two loops and fasten both loops together with one hair tie. If your hair doesn't stay up on its own, slide a bobby pin through the last hair tie and the hair on the back of your head to prop it up.

The Star Product

Hair Elastics 2MM by Blax, $4, violetgrey.com.

Free-flow Curls

A model backstage at the MacGraw resort 2017 show at Australia Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Got a head full of curls? Don't be fussy with them! Flaunt them in their true form so they can bounce along to the carefree beat of summer.

The Technique: Wet your curls and then pat the extra moisture off with a soft T-shirt. Immediately follow up with a styling cream, making sure to saturate the strands from root to tip. Shake your head a little bit and fluff to your heart's content with a wide-tooth comb at the roots. Your curls will look defined without appearing too rigid and this process will set you up for great second-day hair.

The Star Product

Styling Cream, $25, devacurl.com.

The Big Twist

Backstage at the Cynthia Rowley resort 2017 show during Australia Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Mark Nolan/Getty Images

Protect your hair during a day at the beach with this simple, two-part twist.

The Technique: Apply a leave-in conditioner through damp or dry hair then pull hair over one shoulder. Part the hair in two and start twisting. Secure the end of the twist with a barrette or a clear elastic band.

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Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Fortifier by Redken, $18, ulta.com.
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