It's Like a Protein Bar for Your Hair

Sort of. Nursing damaged hair back to health can be a long process, but the best way to start is with a powerful protein treatment, which can condition, rebuild, and strengthen. Find out more about them and see which product is the best fit for you, below!

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As we mentioned on Sweet earlier this week, hair is primarily made up of keratin protein and in order for it to look healthy, it needs to hang onto said protein. But when dyes, relaxers, and environmental factors (like the sun) penetrate your strands, the protein breaks down, leaving hair lifeless, dehydrated, and prone to damage.

You can reinvigorate damaged hair by replenishing its protein. Various formulas, including reconstructors, masks, and deep treatments have different potency levels that will get you closer to your goal: hair that doesn't just look healthy, but actually is healthy.      

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Meet with your hairstylist to evaluate the level of damage you're dealing with then consider which of the options below is right for you.


When your hair needs a complete reboot after a chemical treatment gone wrong (so common and so stressful), try a reconstructor to help rebuild your brittle locks. These should be used sparingly and followed up with your favorite conditioner. 

Polymedic Emergency Reconstructor by Nexxus, $29,
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This has both amino acids and hair-binding polymers that absorb into the hair follicle to restore strength from root to ends.  

K-Pak Reconstructor by Joico, $29,

This five-minute formula uses the brand's unique "Quadramine Complex" to help seal the cuticle and refresh dull hair. 

Intensive Two-Minute Keratin Reconstructor by ApHogee, $12,
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ApHogee's quick treatment incorporates green tea extract and jojoba oil to provide an antioxidant-rich rejuvenation of your hair.


If you're experiencing a little dryness, go for a protein packet that's gentle and safe for frequent use. 

Olive Oil Deep Conditioner Packet by Palmer's, $2,

The winning combination of extra virgin olive oil and keratin will give strands a nice blast of protein to keep them feeling silky.

Silk Scarf Damage Protein Hair Mask Pack, $5,
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There are 10 types of proteins in this formula—just place the scarf over your hair and let the potent treatment soak in.

Keratin Protein Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment by Hask, $2,
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This keratin-packed powerhouse not only helps rebuild damaged hair but it also reduces frizz and static.

Deep Treatments

For those of you with a little bit of dryness and split ends, use one of these penetrating formulas monthly—your hair will feel better and stronger after use.      

Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy by Ouidad, $52,

The proteins and amino acids in this treatment will give your curls their bounce back.

Marula Oil Rare Oil Intensive Hair Masque by Paul Mitchell, $38,

Packed with vitamins, oleic acids, and the powerful antioxidant marula oil, your strands will feel and look smooth after one go.

Hair Building Pak, $34,

Although keratin is the star in this treatment, the secret weapons are grape polyphenols, which help combat free radicals so your hair stays protected after use.

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