A Look for Every Party This Summer

During a season packed with weddings, concerts, and rooftop parties, you'll need an equally robust lineup of hair and makeup looks that are fun and easy manage under the summer heat. Turn to these simple yet striking combinations for inspiration—happy party-hopping!

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The Sunkissed Eyes

A model backstage at The Innovators: Fashion Design Studio show at Resort 2017 Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia. Photograph courtesy of Mark Nolan/Getty Images
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Best For: A Midnight Dance Party

How to Do It: Bring a warm, sunny glow to late-night fun with a bronze eyeshadow. Apply the color all over the top lid and up to the brow bone, then blend. Line the lower lashes with the same hue. Finally, add a dash of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, and finish with a coat of mascara.

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The "Je Ne Sais Quois" Bombshell

Model and actress Hari Nef at the 2016 Fragrance Foundation Awards in New York City. Photograph courtesy of Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Best For: A Rooftop Soirée 

How to Do It: For this look, minimal makeup is balanced with a slightly tousled updo that requires little effort, yet still looks cool when you're 30 stories high with the wind blowing. When your hair is still damp, add a couple of spritzes of texturizing spray and create waves by scrunching up the ends. Pull back some of your hair into a ponytail that sits right below the crown of your head—make sure to pull some tendrils out in the front (and if you have bangs like Nef, even better!). Finger comb the front strands and then set it with a little hair spray.

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The Unexpected Bottom Line

A model at the Narces spring 2016 show in Toronto. Photograph courtesy of Edward James/Getty Images

Best For: The Back-Patio Evening Barbecue

How to Do It: Keep other makeup light so your cool line of eye color is what gets noticed. Pick your favorite gel eyeliner and apply it right against the bottom lash line. Add a coat of mascara and then you're done. Easy.

What You Need: 

Eye Liner Pencil in E08, $18, natashadenona.com.
Lip Gloss in All Clear, $7, hm.com.
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The Orange Pop

A model at the Cynthia Rowley show during Australian Fashion Week, resort 2017, in Sydney. Photograph courtesy of Mark Nolan/Getty Images
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Best For: A Country Wedding

How to Do It: This one is all about the lips! Line the perimeter with a coral or peony shade that complements your skin tone. (Remember: cool pink and blue tones are best for lighter complexions, warm orange and red tones are great for darker complexions.) Apply a couple layers of liquid lipstick in a similar shade. Clean up the lines with a cotton swab, and blot once.

What You Need:

Retractable Lip Liner in Peony, $5, nyxcosmetics.com.
Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Mandarin by Clinique, $17, sephora.com.
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The Bejeweled Negative Space

Model Samantha Harris backstage at the Tome show during Australian Fashion Week, resort 2017, in Sydney. Photograph courtesy of Graham Denholm/Getty Images

Best For: Your Friend's Band's Show

How to Do It: Start with some basic foundation on your skin. Grab an eyelash glue and your preferred gems and rhinestones. Flip the gems over sparkling side down and apply a little bit of glue to the backs. Using a pair of tweezers, apply the gems along your eyebrow, the outer-corner of your eye, and the lash line on your top lid. Let them dry. When you are ready to take them off, loosen the glue with coconut oil for safe removal.

What You Need:

Metallic Face Gems by Johnny Loves Rosie, $13, asos.com.
Naked Ultra-Nourishing Lipgloss in Beso, $20, urbandecay.com.

The Shiny Slick

A model prepares backstage during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia, 2016. Photograph courtesy of Zak Kaczmarek/Getty Images

Best For: The Last-Minute Formal Gala

How to Do It: Even the most basic of hairstyles can look glamorous, especially when you've added some sheen. Run a smoothing serum through damp hair in a downward motion, going from root to tip. Part your strands on your favorite side and then pull hair together at the nape your neck. Tie it in a compact low bun with a ponytail-holder or bobby pins. Follow up with a finishing spray for an extra dash of gloss.  

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