Redness Be Gone

There are many different reasons why your skin can appear splotchy and overly flushed—acne irritation, allergic reactions, stress, and rosacea are just a few of them. Get rid of those ruddy patches with a few crucial products that will keep skin calm from morning to night.

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Start and end your day right with a cleanser that's composed of calming herbs (such as calendula or lavender) and vitamins A and E. The formulas will balance and prime skin for other products that will follow in your regimen.

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Moisturizing Treatments

Maintain skin hydration with a moisturizer that has emollient components such as chamomile, olive oil, and rose. Make sure to check the ingredients for retinol, fragrance, and sulfates, as these can exacerbate redness.


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While primers are commonly used for makeup prep, you can apply one on a freshly washed face and leave it alone—if you prefer a no-makeup look, your natural complexion will show through without the annoying red spots.

Color-Correcting Makeup

When you want a little extra coverage, apply a foundation or concealer that color corrects. A skin-care routine that includes the anti-redness products above should usually be enough to stave off redness, but a quality set of basic makeup is good to have for off days.   

From: Seventeen
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