Next-Level Hair Accessories

No matter how no-frills your summer haircut is this year, you'll occasionally want to do something a little special to your hair. That's why the Sweet editors made a shopping list for you, complete with the wraps, rings, ties, and more that will add a little twist to any hairstyle.

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The Accessory: Soft-Cloth Headbands

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Chanel Parks, assistant editor, @chanelinezp

Why They're the Best: You can push your hair away from your face comfortably, since a cloth headband is much softer than those plastic or metal bands that cause throbbing headaches. (Bonus: They're so flexible they'll fit even the biggest heads.)   

How to Wear Them: Sport yours the classic way by pushing all of your hair back, or create faux bangs by leaving some strands out in the front. These look especially great on a natural teeny-weeny Afro… but I may just be biased there, since that's what I have! 

Bird-Print Turban-Style Headband, $10,
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You can't go wrong with a printed band that will add a statement to your summer outfits—especially on the days when all you really want to wear is a white T-shirt, denim cutoffs, and a pair of comfy slides. 

Pompom Tulle Headband by Cara, $16,

For the aspirational headband wearers out there, you'll want something that's both comfortable and formal enough to wear to a fancy gala, or if you're bold, it's great for just another day out on the town.  

Gingham Knot Headband by Maison Michel, $225,
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This is the ideal bow: lighthearted, but not too girly. And the tails add an inch or two to your height, which is always nice.

The Accessory: Itsy, Bitsy Barrettes

Rebecca Bates, senior editor, @re.beccabates

Why They're the Best: For the hair styling minimalist, the tiny, Margot Tenenbaum barrette is the perfect sort-of trying, almost-an-accessory accessory. It's not a statement piece, and it's barely functional as an actual tool for keeping fringe out of your face, but a well-placed mini-barrette can add a pop of color to an otherwise muted color palette.

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How to Wear Them: I really don't know how these even stay in place. Just clip back a tiny section of hair lining your face and you're done! 

Vintage Barrettes, $18,
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Pair these flowery vintage clips with a straight face for some sartorial irony.

Black, Hematite, and Tortoise Shell Bar Hair Clips, $8,

Yes, these are from Claire's. Yes, I think you could easily incorporate them into your accessory arsenal for daily use.

Metal Cap Bow Tige Boule Barrette by L. Erickson, $42,
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Enamel elevates the mini-barrette for a polished look.

The Accessory: Headscarves

Natalia Tyndall, administrative assistant, @tallylabella

Why They're the Best: A simple headscarf can really turn around a bad hair day—and it makes it look like you actually put in some effort. There are tons of color and print combinations that make for great finishing touches to your overall look.

How to Wear Them: There are so many ways to tie a headscarf, but the most popular is definitely pulling all of your hair to the front, draping it over the back of your head, and twisting the fabric to make sort of a bun at the center of your forehead. 

Labelle Teal Head Wrap, $24,

This wrap is a beautiful teal color and it will draw all the attention to your beautiful face.

She is Royal Head Wrap, $25,
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Who doesn't love a cute animal print? This accessory can dress up a monochromatic outfit or power-clash with a floral-printed dress.  

The Accessory: Bobby Pins

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Rebecca Deczynski, editorial assistant, @rebeccadecz

Why They're the Best: As a teenager, I used hundreds of bobby pins for optimal ballet bun security. Now, they're a fun way to add an accent to my hair—while also still providing much-needed hold.

How to Wear Them: Pull back a side section of hair and fasten it with two bobby pins in an X. Or, if you're feeling creative, assemble bobby pins in other designs, like hashtags, triangles, and arrows.

30-Pack Hairpins, $3,

Go for the gold if you want a subtle shine on blonde hair, or a regal look on darker hair.

Silver Brilliance Bobbies, $6,
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A silver bobby pin can add a touch of glamour to any look—especially when it's embellished with a gem.

Everyday Bobbis, $7,

Give an all-black outfit a boost with a flash of bright pink.

The Accessory: Hair Rings

Chantal Strasburger, assistant editor, @chantagold

Why They're the Best: The coolest way to take braids, my personal favorite hairstyle, to the next level. They add just the right amount of punk without going too overboard, and trust me—you'll be stopped all the time by people asking what they are.

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How to Wear Them: The best way to style these guys is to wear a tight braid along one side of your head, then clamp the rings sporadically throughout. Easy!

Aeon Hair Rings, $12,
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These were the first hair rings I ever tried, so I can tell you firsthand how great they are. Regal Rose has a wide range of rings with various colors and charms, so you can tailor them to your vibe.

Trail Gunmetal Hair Rings, $8,

When buying hair rings, make sure to take you hair color into account. This set contrasts nicely with lighter hair, but for darker hues, go for silver or gold to guarantee that they pop.

Harriet Multi Pack Hair Rings, $10,
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The sculptural details on these rings are the perfect accessory for a bohemian look—just open them up and clip them in!

The Accessory: Highbrow Ponytail Holders 

Mallory Rice, deputy editor, @mallory-rce

Why They're the Best: If you, like me, are nearing the tail-end of your "I'm Not a Girl Not Yet a Woman" period of life, you might also be looking to phase out one of those final vestiges of your younger self: elastic hair-ties. Relating? Sounds like we need to go shopping for highbrow ponytail holders together.

How to Wear Them: Each of these has its own function, but the basic idea is to pull your hair together at the back of your head (low, high, or off to one side) and then use one of these pretty pieces to keep it all together.

Hair Clip, $5,
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The ratio of price point to style points is very favorable here. This clip will make even the simplest of ensembles look exponentially sleeker.

Margot Hair Pin, $8,
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This delicate hair pin is great for a low pony—it will add an elegant, architectural touch to your look.

Small Yvette Ponytail Holder by France Luxe, $28,

It's sort of a hybrid of a ponytail holder and a banana clip and it will make your pony cascade like a waterfall. How fun!

The Accessory: Claw Clips

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Catherine Fuentes, managing editor, @cat_fuentes

Why They're the Best: I am pretty much hopeless when it comes to styling my own hair, so after I recently chopped eight inches off, I needed to find the most versatile accessory around. Enter the ultimate classic: the claw clip. It keeps my hair off my face and won't snag or leave crease marks the way basic elastics do.

How to Wear Them: You can really do anything with an old-school claw clip, which is the beauty of them. Two easy looks are to just clip back half your hair, or wrap your hair in a topknot and use the claw clip to use it instead of an elastic. The key is to just make sure you always have one on hand—I keep two clipped to my desk for maximum ease.

Enamel Jaw Clip Set, $12,

The glossy finish of these clips will look great with pretty much any summer outfit.

Small Couture Jaw Clip by France Luxe, $28,

You might want to opt for a more elegant clip like this one, with its pearly, iridescent finish. It sure beats the bejeweled prom-hair staple of years' past.

Modern Hair Clip in Italian Tortoise, $10,

When in doubt, always go with the true classic: tortoise.

From: Seventeen
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