The Bold, Colorful Makeup You Need to Try Now

When it comes to cosmetics, just about anybody can make earthtones and rosy shades look good. But the rainbow's full spectrum of colors? That takes skill—and personality. Here, we share some of our favorite loud and proud beauty looks, and share tips on how to create them!

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Super Sequins

Embellished lids on a model backstage before the spring 2016 Ashish show during London Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images
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Shine bright like a diamond with this creative embellished eye makeup concept.

The Technique: Apply a thin layer of skin adhesive on your lids, then use tweezers to quickly and gently place the sequins on top of the glue. (Place the seven colors of the rainbow in a row along your lashline, or just go crazy with it.)

The Products 

Sequins & Spangles by Creativity Street, $6,
Skin & Eye Glue by Glitterbug Cosmetics, $3,

Pretty Pastels

A softly striking take on hair dye was seen on the fall 2016 Masha Ma runway at Paris Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Kristy Sparow/Getty Images
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Instead of color-treating your entire head of hair, dye sections different complementary hues.

The Technique: Pick a couple of sections of your hair that you want to dye and then determine which colors will work well together. Apply the dyes to different sections according to the instructions on the package (try to use the same brand for all of the colors, to keep the results as uniform as possible).

The Products

Creamtone Hair Color in Fleurs Du Mal, $14,
Steal My Sunshine, $14,

Primary Colors

The doubly bold eye-and-lipstick combination for the fall 2015 Céline show during Paris Fashion Week. Photograph courtesy of Bertrand Guay/Getty Images

Remember the old beauty adage that you can't do bold eyes and bold lips at the same time? Put it to one side for a little while, would you?

The Technique: Paint a blue pigment on your top lids in an oblong shape—extend the color all the way up to your brow bone. Then swipe three layers of an opaque orange-tinted red to your lips.

The Products

Primal Colors in Hot Blue, $5,
Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Blood Orange by Bite Beauty, $24,

The Eye Opener

Model Lineisy Montero left the fall 2016 Fendi fashion show still wearing the cartoon-like, asymmetrical eye makeup from her runway look. Photograph courtesy of Christian Vierig/Getty Images
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Use your eyeliner pens to doodle like you would in a notebook. Choose four colors, one of them a metallic, and freestyle the design.

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The Technique: Choose your base color and start by drawing a curly tipped cat eye. Then fill in multicolored shapes (like dots and lines) around the outer-corners, inner-corners, and lids. Finally, apply a bright lipstick that matches the color you've dotted in the inner corners of your eyes.  

The Products

Intense i-Color Eyeliner Pencil in Purple Amethyst by Almay, $8,
Lipstick in So Chaud, $17,
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Buzz Like Neon

The glittery neon manicure from the spring 2016 Ashish show in London did not hold back—nor should you! Photograph courtesy of Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

This lively manicure will brighten your day—and the day of anyone else who sees it. Bonus: No agonizing over having to choose just one color.

The Technique: Paint each nail a different color in any order. Once dry, add a coat of a sheer sparkly polish. Seal the first two layers with a clear top coat. 

The Products

Go Neon or Go Nude Collection by OPI, $55,
Cosmo Magical PixieDust, $10,
Shine Nail Top Coat by Formula X, $11,
From: Seventeen
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