When Kate Moss Talks Beauty Tips, We Listen

Unbelievably, it's been 15 years since Kate Moss first joined forces with beauty brand Rimmel, in a collaboration that would come to define the "London Look." To celebrate the anniversary, Moss created a collection of six essential lipstick shades. Here she gives us her tips for wearing them best.

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If there is one surefire way to quiet a room full of chatty fashion and beauty editors, it's to let them know that Kate Moss would like to share a few words of advice on fashion and beauty.

A station for testing the six new lipstick shades designed by Kate Moss.
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That's what happened last week at a townhouse in London's West End, where Rimmel was hosting an intimate event to celebrate its 15-year collaboration with the iconic model.

Moss sporting the Idol Red shade.
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Moss, wearing a green-sequined shrug over a black top and jeans, was joined by her friend Scott Wimsett and the stylist Zoe Bedeaux, who had come to discuss an essential six-color lipstick collection designed by Moss in honor of the anniversary. The best part? Moss had dug through her own wardrobe and assembled looks that brought each shade to life. For those of us who had ever dreamed of raiding her closet, this was as close as we might ever get without the risk of a restraining order.

Here we share a few of our favorite shades (the six colors are divided into three reds and three nudes) and Moss and Co.'s take on what to wear with them.

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The Lipstick: Boho Nude

The Look: "This is classic Kate—just knocking around in the countryside," says Wimsett. The ease of the lipstick matches the mood of the outfit, Moss says, adding: "You just throw a boot on with it—and tons of jewelry."

The Lipstick: Rock N Roll Nude

The Look: This shade, which is "understated but high glamour" is for "party girls everywhere" (which explains why it's been paired with her all-time favorite leather pants). Moss points out an important fact: "You can't wear red lipstick if you're kissing someone backstage."

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The Lipstick: Retro Red

The Look: This emerald-green Saint Laurent gown is pure Old Hollywood glamour, which makes it a perfect match for the vintage-inspired Retro Red lip color. Moss says she'd wear big earrings and slicked-back hair to complete the look. And those Tom Ford heels she's picked out for it? "They've had a few dances," she says with a laugh.

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The Lipstick: Idol Red

The Look: This look, which is a smart mix of black leather and shiny silver, is a tribute to '80s rock style—"you know, like, Debbie Harry and those hot CBGB girls," says Moss. The bold Idol Red hue gives the look just the pop of color it needs.

Shade #51 Muse Red: evokes Moss's effortless elegance on the red carpet.

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Shade #52 Idol Red: a lush, vibrant red for a daring, cutting-edge look.

Shade #53 Retro Red: a sumptuous berry red that reflects the revamped '40s and '50s retro style that Moss adores.

Shade #54 Rock N Roll Nude: a peach-tinted neutral ready for any dancefloor.

Shade #55 My Nude: a beige understated nude, inspired by Moss's everyday street look.

Shade #56 Boho Nude: a warm caramelized nude that complements Moss's laid-back boho look.

Rimmel London Anniversary Collection Finish Lipsticks by Kate Moss, $6 each, available starting tomorrow, rimmellondon.com.

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