The Most Beautiful Eyeliners We've Ever Seen

Eyeliner isn't only about clean lines and beautiful pigments. In fact, we're guilty of buying some liners based solely on their gorgeous packaging. Sure, these all look great around our eyes, but they're especially pretty on our shelves.

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Eyeliner is one of those makeup staples that you'll forever keep in your makeup collection. So it's time to elevate the luxe factor in your makeup bag by loading up on the prettiest eyeliners on the market. Instead of trendy shades, the newest additions to our makeup arsenal are all about packaging: metallic sheens, dizzying geometrics, and fantastic prints.

Try out eyeliners with mesmerizing packaging, like the ones below!

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The Bling Blingers

Gold and silver are the colors of luxury. Indulge yourself a little with these liners in flashy cases.

Liquid Eyeliner by Guerlain, $43,
Le Stylo Ultra Slim, $34,
Le Crayon Yeux, $29,
Eyeliner E501 by Ellis Faas, $36,
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Fineliner, $24,

The Shapeshifters

The bends, twists, angles, and accents in this selection are an architectural departure from run-of-the-mill vertical pen and pencil liners. They're the mini-sculptures you didn't know your makeup bag needed!

Grandiôse Eyeliner by Lancôme, $28,
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The Curve, $15,
Addict It-Line, $32,
Backstage Gel Liner by Tonymoly, $12,
Intense Liquid Eyeliner by Dolce & Gabbana Beauty, $38,

The Print Masters

Your makeup collection could use some floral prints and doodle illustrations, right? Right.

Intensifying Cream Eyeliner, $60,
Liquid Eyeliner Pen by Paul & Joe, $30,
Gel Eye Liner, $25,
Babyface Waterproof Eyeliner by It's Skin, $10,
Dinoplatz Highline Eyeliner by Too Cool For School, $22,
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