Nail Polish Bottles Too Pretty to Hide

Having a diverse selection of nail colors is one thing, but what about an array of pretty polish bottles? That's next-level beauty supremacy. It's time to treat yourself to bottles that are just as gorgeous as the colors within.

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You might have a go-to nail color, but, if you're like us, you still want a small arsenal of polishes at your disposal. Don't stash your beautiful collection of nail polish bottles under a bathroom sink or behind a medicine cabinet. These bottles, like little works of art, were made to be on proud display.

Objets d'Art

Bored of the same old bottle shapes? You obviously haven't seen these yet. Get your shadowbox ready, because you'll want to show these off.

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The Minimalists

Sleek edges and simple shapes give these understated bottles a bold look.

Pop Art Polishes

Lacquer bottles with a little whimsy, a little humor, and a whole lot of personality.

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