Smart Technology for Your Face

A France-based beauty tech company explores the future of skin-care routines with MAPO, a facial device that highlights and treats your skin issues, one scan at a time.

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Until now, a skin-care face mask has always referred to a cream or powder used to treat issues such as dryness, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation. But the future of face masks just might be machine-based, and MAPO from WB Technologies is poised to be the first of this new generation.

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In development for the past two years (funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign that raised about $44,000), MAPO is designed to help wearers monitor their skin's moisture and keep track of other common complexion stressors. Information gathered from MAPO's four sensors is sent to an accompanying phone app, La Clinique Digitale, which controls the mask's settings and interprets the data the tool collects.

"The mask can go with you wherever you want. Whether you want to use it in the bath or while watching TV, you'll get an experience that feels like you have a little spa at home." —Stanislas Vandier, president of WB Technologies

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Stanislas Vandier, the president of WB Technologies (the WB stands for "wired beauty"), introduced us to MAPO via Skype and explained the inner- and outer-workings of the innovative tool that could change the way we approach daily skin care.

An illustration of the steps in which the MAPO flows.

"We developed MAPO to serve a few functions," Vandier says. "The first is as a skin check-up. MAPO measures the moisture and temperature on different areas of the face, and in seconds you get a real time evaluation of your skin moisture on the app."

The app, La Clinique Digitale provides tips and product recommendations for your skin.
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MAPO will also effectively streamline your routine. Based on the data it's collected the app will recommend creams and moisturizers that can help you target your skin's problem areas. The mask itself will then help those products work a little harder. "Apply your favorite skin-care cream or serum and then put the mask on," Vandier suggested. "Then, from the app, press a button that will prompt the mask to deliver a gentle source of heat."

Don't worry, the heat won't burn you; instead, it acts like a clarifying facial steam. "[Heat] will open the pores of your skin and help the active ingredients in your products penetrate the skin and be more efficient," Vandier says.

"Skin is the leading barrier and is the most important protection against external aggression." — Stanislas Vandier, president of WB Technologies

The MAPO is all about perfecting at-home relaxation. "The mask can go with you wherever you want. Whether you want to use it in the bath or while watching TV, you'll get an experience that feels like you have a little spa at home," Vandier says. "It's a new and improved take on your existing face mask routine."

Electrodes on the mask's interior send direct updates to your phone for a swift check up!

The MAPO device isn't on sale yet but it hopefully will be in the fall, at a price of $220. Vandier and his team are already thinking about future updates of the mask, and brainstorming other technologically advanced beauty devices. "We are convinced that mid-to-long term, the information you'll get from MAPO will help develop new products that are more personalized to each consumer's beauty routine," Vandier says. Eventually Vandier wants to expand MAPO's range to detect signs of aging and the impact of emotional and physical stressors on skin. Another project in production is Heliosense, a small accessory that hooks onto clothing to provide details about a person's exposure to UV rays.

The MAPO prototype.

Later this year, WB Technologies plans to take MAPO out on the road for a worldwide exhibition in major cities including New York, Shanghai, Dubai, and more.

Are you ready for the face mask of the future? Your Snapchat selfies await.

Keep an eye out for more MAPO news and details, and how you can revolutionize your skin-care routine, at

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