Collagen Is the Key to a Healthy, Glowing Complexion

No, collagen isn't only for injections that plump up lips (although Hollywood would like you to believe so). It's actually the foundation for the look, feel, and overall health of your skin! But in order for collagen to keep skin firm, you have to maintain it. Get the details from an expert below.

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Keeping your complexion glowing definitely involves some work. But relax: we found some stellar products that help support skin's basic functions, like maintaining collagen—a strong substance that holds skin together. Lars Fredriksson, the Stockholm-based founder of Verso Skincare, gives us a crash course on the importance of tending to collagen.

Learn why you should add collagen boosters to your regimen!

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1. Collagen Is the Foundation to Good Skin

Your body already has a good stock of collagen: it composes your hair, skin, and nails. "It's a protein that's actually one of the most abundant and key components of your skin," Fredriksson says. "It gives skin its elasticity and supports surface structure to hold everything into place."

"Good collagen is like spaghetti 'al dente,' compared to overcooked spaghetti that breaks easily and is soggy and loose."

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2. Collagen Can Disappear Over Time

"Collagen production declines with age," Fredriksson says. He likens the process to, uh, pasta. "Good collagen is like spaghetti 'al dente,' compared to overcooked spaghetti that breaks easily and is soggy and loose." That's why it's important to start thinking about adding collagen-rich products to your routine. Fredriksson suggests starting in your mid-20s.

A firm and even complexion allows for better product and makeup application. Photograph courtesy of Kris Connor/Getty Images

3. Collagen Can Be Replenished

You can always use collagen-rich cosmetics to help boost the good stuff. "Retinol-based creams have been shown to increase the skin's collagen production," says Fredriksson, "which help produce firmer skin, improved texture, and better barrier protection," he says. There are also ingestible collagen supplements: Fredriksson says that ones with high dosages of collagen could penetrate skin from the inside.

Shop the collagen-building products below!


Apply these to key areas like your face, neck, and hands, where signs of aging tend to attack first.


Use these formulas occasionally to give your complexion a glowing boost.


Indulge in a relaxing mask that will firm and brighten up your face.


Take supplements as directed on their packages (after consulting with a doctor!).

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