15 Moisturizers to Soften Your Tough Skin

Are you still using that body lotion on your face? Then it's about time you treat your skin to good, sturdy facial formulas that hydrate and protect your face. We can guess you're wondering about recommendations. Don't worry—we've got your face covered (literally).

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Morning Glories

Your a.m. routine should be focused on a good dose of SPF and energizing hydrators that will keep your face nice and supple all day long.

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Nighttime Heroes

These are the thicker formulas that work overnight to ensure you wake up to refreshed-looking skin...even if you caught less than eight hours of sleep.

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Whether it's day or night, you can apply these vitamin-rich creams and oils to brighten your complexion and fight against wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

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