Body Scrubs Are the Key to Glowing Skin

Sure, cleansing is a huge part of your shower game, but you need to up the ante with a body exfoliator. Why? The granules in these products will polish your skin by sloughing off dead cells that are currently obstructing your shine. Incorporate one of the below scrubs into your routine, stat!

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Before you get to scrubbing, here's one thing you should know: cleanse your body first, then you're ready to exfoliate.

Now, shop the refreshing, skin-perfecting options below!

Magic In Jars

Prop these pretty jars on your shower ledge for a dose of functional decoration in your bathroom. To keep things hygienic, scoop out these formulas with a mini shovel!

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Tubular Sensations

You're one squeeze away from glowing 24/7 with these beautiful and carry-friendly scrubs. If you want to avoid getting it on your hands, apply with a loofah or soft cloth—the ones with handles are great for hard-to-reach spots on your back.

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Bagged Beauties

Sealed bags keep the raw ingredients in your scrubs fresh and always ready to go. When using coffee-based mixtures, we suggest turning off your shower and applying the scrub all over your body directly under the shower head—then turn on the water and rinse. That way, you'll localize the inevitable mess!

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