Why the Order of Makeup Application Matters

Applying makeup isn't an exact science, but an intentional routine can ensure that every product is working as hard as it possibly can. So what's the ideal order? Just follow our step-by-step guide, below.

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Step No. 1: It's Prime Time

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Why: Makeup will last longer and look more vibrant when your skin is prepped beforehand with a primer. Different formulas can help with issues such as redness, dullness, and oiliness.

How: Apply a primer all over your face and let it set for a couple of seconds before you move on to the next phase.

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Step No. 2: Build a Foundation

Why: A base will even out your skin tone and pull together the rest of your look. Take your pick from lightweight skin tints or heavy full-coverage foundations.

How: With your fingers or a brush, apply your preferred formula. Make sure to blend the color to avoid clumping and discoloration.

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Step No. 3: Conceal Tough Spots

Why: When your foundation doesn't deliver on covering all blemishes, turn to a concealer that will hide unwanted spots and patches.

How: Using a brush or your fingers, dab on dots of concealer to problem areas (undereye circles, acne, or scars) and blend the product in until the spot becomes less visible.

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Step No. 4: Color in Your Brows

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Why: Grooming your eyebrows will tidy up your whole look.

How: Apply your preferred eyebrow filler (powder, pencil, or gel) in the shape you want the brow to be and fill in any gaps. Take an eyebrow spool (aka brush) and smooth down the hairs in the direction they grow.

Step No. 5: Start Blushing and Glowing

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Why: Open up your face and your best features with blush, highlighter, or bronzer.

How: Apply these to the places you want to literally highlight: blush is best on the apples of your cheeks, highlighter looks great on your brow bones and inner eye corners, and bronzer accentuates the face's natural contours.

Step No. 6: Enhance Your Eyes

Why: Your eyes need some love, too: open them up with mascara or add a flick of eyeliner.

How: Add an eye shadow, liner, and mascara—in that order!

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Step No. 7: Pay Lip Service

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Why: The best (and easiest) way to add a colorful accent is with a lip shade that complements the rest of your makeup.

How: Line your lips with your lipstick or gloss and then apply the hue over your pout. Clean up lines with concealer and a brush.

Step No. 8: Lock It In

Why: A setting spray or finishing powder can be the key to keeping your makeup intact all day long.

How: For the sprays, apply the mist about five inches away from your face so you don't completely drench your masterpiece. If you have a powder, use a big, fluffy makeup brush to lightly distribute the beauty dust all over.

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