Somebody Pass the Apple Cider Vinegar!

The skin and hair savior that you really need has been in your kitchen all this time. Here's why apple cider vinegar is the ingredient that will give you glowing skin and incredible hair.

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The beauty world has long been abuzz with the knowledge that coconut oil is good for, well, pretty much everything. But there's another kitchen product that yields unexpected skin and hair benefits: apple cider vinegar.

Who knew this fruit could be so multifunctional? Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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Full of alpha-hydroxy acids, apple cider vinegar helps to remove dead skin cells for a glowing complexion. "It also helps to balance pH and keeps your skin from becoming too oily or dry by balancing sebum production," says New York City-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, MD. When applied to hair, apple cider vinegar seals cuticles and removes buildup for strong, shiny hair. In other words, this one product can give you the best hair and skin ever.

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Here's how to turn this basic kitchen ingredient into your beauty cure-all.

The Holy Grail Product

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 16-ounce, $4,

You can turn to the classic if you're on a budget or just want to make the most of a kitchen staple you already own. Use it as a skin toner after washing your face or as a hair rinse for shiny tresses after shampooing and conditioning.

But if you don't enjoy apple cider vinegar's strong scent, consider trying the products below to reap the benefits of this multifunctional ingredient.

Hair-Care Heroes

In hair care, apple cider vinegar is used primarily to remove buildup, resulting in stronger, cleaner strands. Use these products to strengthen hair and increase shine and softness.

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse by dpHUE, $35,
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Want shiny hair? You need a vinegar rinse! This one by dpHUE locks in color and strengthens strands with protein.

Apple Cider Shampoo, $20,
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Use this clarifying shampoo about once a week to gently get rid of buildup that weighs down and dulls hair.

Detox Facial Toner by Sumbody, $24,
Organic Herbal Hair Rinse Conditioner by Living Naturally, $10,

Simply spray this conditioner on hair from roots to ends, massage in, and rinse out for soft, shiny strands.

Brightening Hair Finish Lotion with Fruit Vinegar by Christophe Robin, $48,
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This brightening lotion helps to detangle hair and protects hair color. Use it once a week for best results.

Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Hair Therapy by dpHUE, $30,

For strong, healthy hair, look towards this product for natural detangling, conditioning, and pH-balancing. Your hair will feel moisturized and smoother than ever.

Skin Savers

In addition to helping to balance skin's pH, apple cider vinegar increases cell turnover for a glowing complexion. These masks, treatments, and toners make the most of its power.

4-in-1 Apple Cider Vinegar Foaming Clay Mask by Feeling Beautiful, $4,
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This foaming clay mask gently exfoliates, tones, and cleans skin while absorbing oil. Consider it a skin-care superhero.

Save Me, Honey Shower Mask, $30,

Apply this mask before you get in the shower, and rinse it off just before you get out for glowing, clean skin.

Treatment Solution Daily Solution by Innarah, $150,

It's a bit of an investment, but this treatment gives skin a major boost by spurring the growth of new skin cells.

Antibacterial Vinegar by Uncle Harry's Antibacterial Products, $6,
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This mix of apple cider vinegar, grapefruit seed extract, and essential oils restores skin to its natural pH to fight against acne and oiliness.

Willow Toner With Black Willow Bark by Portland General Store, $16,
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Washing your face isn't enough. Because soap can leave product residue, a toner—like this pH-balancing, vinegar-based option—is necessary for a fresh face.

Detox Facial Toner by Sumbody, $24,

This natural toner, combining witch hazel and apple cider vinegar, has antibacterial qualities, which makes it a good defense against acne.

Bonus: Apple Cider Add-Ins

Instead of mixing these masks with water, opt for apple cider vinegar to add extra some skin care benefits.

Face Mask by Cedar + Stone, $30,

Formulated with vitamin C, this clay mask has an anti-inflammatory effect, perfect for combating the stress of sun damage on your skin in the summer.

Indian Healing Clay by Aztec Secret, $5,

This affordable bentonite clay mask draws out impurities in a way that's gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Black Clay Mask, $13,

Oily skin has met its match in Fig + Yarrow's detoxifying and decongesting mask, which contains both activated charcoal powder and bentonite clay.

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