16 Moisturizers That Will Improve Your Day

Hand lotions and creams are the unsung heroes of your beauty collection—they're essential to remedying the stress and dehydration your hands experience every day. Instead of heading to the drugstore for one, splurge on a high-quality formula that comes in a pretty package. (Your digits deserve it!) Here are some silky-smooth options to consider.

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Fragrant Forces

If a good scent is as important to you as soft hands, these aromatic lotions are your best bet.

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Fine-Line Reducers

Keep hands glowing and youthful with a cream that fights signs of aging.

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Heavy Healers

Grab an emollient formula for when your digits and palms are especially dry and calloused.

First-Class Travelers

Bring these little TSA-friendly packages for on-the-go moisturizing, especially when you're on a long, skin-dehydrating flight.

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