Natural Makeup, The Easy Way

Contours, strobes, and smokey eyes aren't your thing? Same. Consider this your guide to makeup that doesn't feel like makeup.

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Instead of Foundation, Try: Skin Tints

You want coverage, but you don't want to feel like you have makeup caked on. Not a problem—just opt for a skin tint that will smooth your complexion without giving an airbrushed appearance.

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Instead of Blush, Bronzer, and Eyeshadow, Try: Multi-Purpose Color

When it comes down to it, you don't need multiple products to add some color to different parts of your face. A multi-purpose stick in a warm caramel, peach, or rosy hue works well on both cheeks and eyelids.

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Instead of Brow Pomade, Try: Brow Gel

For a more subtly groomed look, try a clear or tinted brow gel to comb those hairs into place and make them look just a bit fuller.

Instead of Mascara, Try: Lash Tints

Tinted mascara primers give your lashes a darker color without edging anywhere near spider-lash territory. For a my-natural-lashes-but-better look, forget the layers of mascara and instead just swipe on one coat of a tint.

Instead of Lipstick, Try: Tinted Balm

A good red lipstick may be the key to instant glamour, but on an ordinary day, a simple tinted lip balm will give your pout a pretty, subtle color—and make it perfectly kissable.

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