When You Have 99 Problems and Your Skin Is All of Them

Have dull skin? Dry skin? Tired skin? Irritated skin? Flaky skin? There's a mask for that.

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Issue No. 1: Breakouts, Breakouts, and More Breakouts

Solution: Purify pores with a clay or exfoliating mask that will thoroughly clean out sweat, dirt, and makeup, all of which can cause blemishes.

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Issue No. 2: Heat-Induced Irritation and Dryness

Solution: Your tropical vacation has probably taken a serious toll on your skin, with heat causing it to flake, dry out, and redden. Alleviate all of those problems with a hydrating mask that's calming and formulated for sensitive skin.

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Issue No. 3: A Tired Complexion

Solution: If you haven't been sleeping well or you're under more stress than usual, your complexion can go from bright to dull faster than you can say, "I really, really just need a nap." Get your glow back with one of these vitamin-rich masks.

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