The Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

You probably brush your hair every day, but are you using the right brush? And, damn, come to think of it, are you even using that *brush* the right way? Find out below.

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Before you go out and buy a brush, you need to know which one will cater to your hair.

So we sought out some advice from Lizzie Arneson, a fashion and editorial hairstylist who has worked with the likes of photographer Petra Collins and beauty brand Glossier.

For Wavy and Straight Hair: "Paddle brushes are great for detangling wavy and straight hair," says Arneson.

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For Frizzy Hair: "To battle frizzy hair, use a mixed-bristle brush that's round while you blow-dry hair, and to add body, use a ceramic and nylon round brush."

For Curly Hair: For those of you with more curls, avoid brushes altogether. "If you have curly hair, a wide tooth comb works better," Arneson says.

And now, for the brushes!

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Pro Tip No. 1: Looks aren't the only important factor in distinguishing between hairbrush bristles. "When you need to detangle your hair, look for plastic or nylon bristles," Arneson says. "But use natural bristles to create a smoother finish as they smooth your cuticle, and slide the healthy oils from root to end."

Pro Tip No. 2: Chances are you're brushing hair the wrong way. "For any hair type, start on the ends and work your way up," Arneson recommends. She suggests breaking curly hair into sections to minimize damage, while straight, fine hair should be brushed upside down to add volume.

Damage is Possible, So Avoid It

Get rid of knots and tangles with one of these brushes!Photograph courtesy of Getty Images

Pro Tip No. 3: You know you're inflicting damage upon your hair when you hear it snap as you brush, or if you find a clump of strands left behind in the bristles. Things don't always have to be that way, though, if you just follow one rule. "Brush your hair when it's dry, before you shower," Arneson says. "Wet hair is way more fragile and can break without you realizing it." Once you detangle, Arneson recommends following up with a natural bristle brush. "This will help slide the natural oils from your scalp down to thirsty ends to keep them from getting dry and brittle."

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