The Perfect (Realistic) Nighttime Routine

A beauty editor's life tips for keeping your p.m. skin-care regimen in order.

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Life Lesson No. 1: Get Organized

When you're looking at all of your products sprawled out on the bathroom counter, it's hard not to feel overwhelmed. To make things seem more manageable (and less cluttered), set out products in the order of use. That way, you can grab items without rummaging through your medicine cabinet.

Life Lesson No. 2: Mascara Remover Is Crucial

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Obviously, I apply makeup remover *liberally.*

I appreciate waterproof mascara during the day, but at night, I can't help asking, why is mascara so damn hard to take off? Tired of rubbing my eyes until I can barely see, I eventually found that cleansing oil or micellar water will remove mascara easily. Pump some onto your hands and then apply liberally to your face. Let the oils glide against your skin, give your face a good massage, and then watch the mascara disappear.

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Life Lesson No. 3: Pump Up the Jam

Luna Mini 2, $139,
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I get it, going through the same skin-care routine night after night can get really boring. Amp up the fun factor with a playlist that will make looking into the mirror feel like a movie makeover montage. What do I listen to, you ask? Why, my Spotify playlist, Late '80s Splendor, which pays homage to, well, the late-'80s.

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Life Lesson No. 4: Toner Is Cool, OK?

I definitely got toner in my mouth.

Some skin-care products seem unnecessary, but, trust me, toner is not one of them. It plays a few great roles. It helps balance out the complexion, calms down hot and sweaty skin, and if you swipe it over your skin with a cotton ball, it will remove any leftover dirt you may have missed while cleansing. I'm not saying that it's the most important product in your lineup, but you should give it a shot.

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Life Lesson No. 5: Masks Aren't Only for Special Occasions

My philosophy: The scarier the sheet mask, the better.

I used to think masks were these sacred items that could only be used the night before a wedding if you wanted a glowing complexion or before coffee with that ex, when you want to have naturally, casually dewy skin. But used on a weekly basis, masks can help lock in moisture and re-energize your skin—especially if you're under a lot of stress.

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There's nothing more satisfying than peeling off a sheet mask.

I like to do masks on Sunday nights, while I'm mentally getting ready for the week.

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If you have dry skin, look out for hydrating masks. For blemished complexions, try exfoliating formulas with alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

Life Lesson No. 6: Don't Forget About the Hair!

An old T-shirt makes for a gentler and softer hair wrap than the super cheap towels I bought in college.

My morning hair styling actually starts the night before. I shower at night, and I'm a sucker for incorporating hydrating masks or scalp exfoliators, just to make sure my strands are nice and healthy.

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Post-shower, I add moisturizing products to seal in the cuticle, which makes hair soft and manageable for next-day styling. Depending on your hair type and length, you can add rollers for fresh coils in the morning or you can tie it up into a silk scarf to eliminate frizz and breakage.

Have questions about your p.m. skin care? Hit me up @chanelinezp!

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