15 Amazing Masks for Dry, Tired, Puffy Eyes

Treat and de-stress your eyes with these nourishing (and occasionally funny-looking) patches.

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For Dry Eyes That Cry No Tears

The delicate skin under your eyes is especially sensitive to dryness, so make a habit of regularly tending to that area with hydrating patches that will quench your skin's thirst.

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For Dull Eyes That Have Lost Their Shine

Brighten up your look (literally) with moisturizing, vitamin-rich formulas that will prevent lines, sallowness, and discoloration.

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For Puffy Eyes That Have No Chill

Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint the cause of inflamed under-eye skin—maybe you've eaten too much junk food, your allergies are acting up, so on and so forth—but there are some alleviating masks out there to de-puff the situation. These are also great for neutralizing redness.

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