Beauty Products That Look Like Your Favorite Foods

Your grooming regimen is about to become really, really delicious.

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For the Sweet Tooth

It's true: you never met a cookie you didn't like. When you look forward to every day like a kid going to the candy store, you're bound to be drawn to palettes and products that reflect your love of any sugary treat. Makeup that smells like your favorite dessert? That's a game-changer for sure.

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For the Fruit Fanatic

Just think of all the ways you can enjoy fruit. You can put it in a salad. You can bake it into a pie. You can even put it on your face, hands, and lips to make your skin look better than ever. Even if your favorite fruit is out of season, you don't have to fully give it up.

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The Healthy Foodie

Yeah, you know your way around a juicer, and of course you own Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook. Your refrigerator is always fully stocked with micro greens (kale is so overrated, obv), and you'd never be seen without a water bottle in tow. You only put the best things in your body—so of course you only put the best things on your body, too.

The Party Palate

The recipe for a perfect night: start with sushi for dinner and top off the evening with some festive drinks—and make sure you're moisturized the whole time.

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