This One Thing Will Make Showertime More Fun Than Ever

The coolest shower gel looks a lot like Flubber—and it makes your skin feel amazing.

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Lush's products go viral for a reason. The brand's bath bombs explode into kaleidoscopes of color and confetti. Their face masks are the freshest on the market (seriously, they're stored in a mini fridge at their shops). And now, a product that the Canadian beauty company has offered for years is finally getting the internet love it deserves. Shower Jellies are the most fun soap we've ever experienced.

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Whoosh has a bright, citrusy scent, with notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit. This one's pretty universally appealing. Whoosh, $12,

The Jellies were invented in 2006 by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine in celebration of the brand's 10th anniversary, but they've recently enjoyed a surge in popularity, thanks, we're guessing, in large part to their camera-ready jiggly constitution. Just place the Jelly on your hand and give it a gentle poke—it looks like Jell-O, feels like a cool gel, and soothes your skin thanks to its carrageenan seaweed base (no gelatin here!).

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93,000 Miles has a very strong, spicy cinnamon scent that's perfect for soothing sore, aching muscles—and making your shower smell like a Red Hot. 93,000 Miles, $12,

So, how does one use this odd, unique soap? Lush recommends storing it in the freezer to keep it cold. When combined with a hot shower, it will boost circulation thanks to a combination of hot and cold stimulation, which originates from Scandinavian bathing practices. Now, you can soothe your muscles while also having your own showertime dance party. Blast some music or belt out some tunes, and shake that Shower Jelly to the music.

Who can resist something that looks like a tub of sunshine? This Jelly is basically a lemon square in soap form. Refresher, $12,

When we tested out the shower jellies, we used them without a wash cloth. The wobbly soap lathers surprisingly well and leaves your skin feeling remarkably smooth. When you're done washing, just plop the jelly back into its container to prevent it from sliding all over your bathroom. It's all good clean fun.

Want to make your shower smell like a serene forest? Same. Needles and Pines, $12,

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