Traveler's Insurance

A well-prepared camper is a happy camper! Here's what you need to return home as happy and fresh-smelling as when you left it.   

There's a very big difference between camping and glamping, and if you're not heading out to enjoy the latter, you're going to have to do a little extra preparation to stay in tip-top shape. After all, how can you take in the beauty of nature if your eyes are stinging from sweat, your hair is plastered to your forehead, and bugs are incessantly biting your sunburned skin? So let's prevent that worse-case scenario by checking off the following packing list, and making sure that when you climb every mountain (sing it, Maria!), anything you could possibly need is just a reach-into-your-backpack away.

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Bug Spray

What's that you say? This doesn't look like your average bug spray? Welcome to the world of luxury insect repellents: Aromaflage is both a fragrance and a pest repeller! Made from essential oils native to Southeast Asia with notes of citrus, cedarwood, and vanilla, there's not a drop of DEET in sight.

Aromaflage 8 ML, $30,

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Nothing says "National Park Week" like a set of mini colognes inspired by the great American outdoors itself! With Desert/Mojave (pine resin, sun-baked earth, salt cedar), Coast/Big Sur (sea tincture, cypress pitch, and black sage flowers), and Mountain/Siskiyou (ginger cedar, redwood bark, and spruce boughs), these three vials will keep you smelling as fresh and earthy as the forests you're walking through.

Backpacker Cologne Sample Kit, $35,

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Lip Balm

Steep inclines = heavy breathing = dry mouth. Throw a Balmi in your bag to prevent the personal hell that is chapped lips. Made with antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, moisturizing shea butter, and jojoba oil, this balm also provides SPF 15 (you can never have too much SPF!) and the hardy packaging is perfect to take with you, wherever you might be heading. There's even a keychain, so you can latch it to your rucksack for easy-access applications.

Cube Lip Balm in Coconut by Balmi, $8,

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Face Wipes

Sure, you can wipe your sweaty brow with the hem of your equally sweaty shirt, but if you want a cooling, energizing, actually drying sensation, you're going to have to wipe elsewhere. Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are soaked in their 4-in-1 Face Tonic that cleans, exfoliates, heals, and hydrates (and smells like orange, fir, and lavender to boot!). Better yet? They come in conveniently wrapped individual packets. Your hike just turned into a mini spa day.

Essential Face Wipes, $24 for 20 packs,

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Sunscreen Stick

With the promise of breathtaking views and unforgettable landscapes comes the very large, hot, and harmful star we call the sun. It's 2016, so everyone and their mother is reminding you that SPF is no longer an optional extra. After you've slathered it on head-to-toe pre-hike, opt for a sport (read: waterproof) sunscreen stick for on-the-road coverage. It's goop-free and fun to apply—kind of like rubbing a giant chapstick all over your face.

SPF 50 Mineral Sport Sunscreen Stick, $10,

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Hair Ties

Leave your damaging elastic hairbands at home—these neoprene hair ties are not only easy on the strands, but reversible and fast-drying. So when you're done hitting the trails, they'll be just as handy in barre class or on the treadmill. Win-win!

Cancun 4-Pack, $10,

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Anti-Blister Balm

If you want to keep your shoes on your feet for the entire hike (and we're guessing you do), you're going to need to protect your heels and toes. Apply this invisible, non-greasy formula for happy, blister-free feet. But don't stop there: This stick is handy for any areas that rub and cause raw skin and chafing—so glide away!

Foot Glide Anti-Blister Balm, $8,

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Back again with the wipes! What can we say, they take up less space than a solid stick—and when it comes to what's in your backpack, less is more. As soon as the strenuous activity starts wearing down on your naturally powder-fresh aroma, give one of these a swipe under your arms for an instant pick-me-up and protection that lasts hours.

Coconut Milk & Essential Oils Underarm Deodorant Wipes, $9,
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Hand Sanitizer

A classic travel-companion, a clip-on hand sanitizer will make sure that when you're taking your GORP break (don't miss our GORP how-to today!), you're not also ingesting the dirt you wiped off your pants earlier.

Advanced Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel in Summer Scents by Purell, $14 for four,
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First Aid Kit

Because you can never be fully prepared when you're out in the wild, the best you can do is bring along as many supplies as possible and hope for the best. From Band Aids to pain relievers, this kit will cover just about every possible cut, scrape, strain, and sprain you may come across (knock on wood). So pack it in and hope that you never have to pull it out!

All-Purpose First Aid Kit by Up & Up, $9,
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