The Good Kind of Beer Body

We know what you're thinking: mixing beer with grooming sounds like a total gimmick. But there's actually a wide range of benefits to beer-based skin and hair care. Here, we present the products that bring a whole new meaning to the term "shower beer."

If you're already a fan of beer's hoppy aroma then you may not need too much convincing to incorporate it into your grooming routine. But, if you need some added incentive before lathering up, consider the promise of shiny hair and clear skin.

The malt and hops provide additional protein for your hair, and the yeast in the beer naturally combats bacteria to help brighten your complexion. Need we say more? Sounds like it's time to replace some your products with beer-infused ones before taking a pilgrimage to the beer spas dotted across Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic for a full-body dip in the therapeutic brew. Then, of course, it will be time to crack open a cold one.

Here, we present the best products to help get you started. Cheers!

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For Taming Your Mane

Lush recommends this "pub-inspired" shampoo for anyone struggling with dry or fluffy hair. The protein provided by the stout gives your hair extra volume. It also smoothes it out and adds a nice glossy effect.

Cynthia Sylvia Stout, $21,
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For Showering Like an Austrian

Little-known fact: German fashion designer Frank Leder created an entire line of grooming products using old Austrian techniques and formulas. The collection includes soothing muscle tonics, hand lotions, and shampoos, like this one made from wheat beer.

Wheat Beer Shampoo by Frank Leder, $53,
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For Brew-Styled Hair

Damn Handsome Grooming uses a citrus-loaded I.P.A. to produce this hair pomade, which also boasts an infusion of kelp for added nourishment for your hair and scalp.

Brewmaster's Pomade by Damn Handsome Grooming, $20,
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For Beard Lathering

Lakewood Brewing's Hopochondria I.P.A. inspired Beard Supply to launch this beard oil brimming with all the necessary essential oils including jojoba, sweet almond, and hemp, which are lent a light, earthy aroma thanks to the hops.

I.P.A. Beard Oil, $25,
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For the Ultimate Two-in-One

Whiskey Ink and Lace brings the best of two great worlds together with this body lotion made of coffee and beer. The hefty stout beer and the aromatic coffee—fairtrade and organic, of course—are packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

Coffee and Stout Lotion, $20,
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For a Deep Clean

All of Craftsman Soap Co.'s beer-based grooming products feature craft beers from around California, and this one, made with a pale ale, also benefits from the addition of French green clay, which helps fight impurities and tighten pores.

Chaparral Beer Soap, $7,
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The hops, malt, and barley in beer are particularly praised for their moisturizing capabilities, which makes Duffy's conditioner ideal for hair health. The mineral-rich blend—with added botanical extracts including fennel, aloe, and sunflower—remedies any dullness, too.

Beer Conditioner, $19,
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For a Premium Shave

Powerhouse beer brand, Carlsberg, launched the entire "Beer'd Beauty" line to prove that their brews are great for a lot more than just drinking. This package includes a shaving gel, aftershave cream, and moustache cream made from freeze-dried batches of their signature lager.

Beer'd Beauty, $72,
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