Matcha Makeover

You already know how great matcha is to drink, but are you rubbing the powdered green tea all over your skin yet? Here's why you should—and which matcha-laced beauty products you need to start lathering on today.

So you've been drinking plenty of matcha lattes (and Instagramming them), making matcha chia seed pudding, and blending the powder into your morning yogurt, but you've probably overlooked how beneficial this pulverized green tea is for your skin. Want that highly sought-after radiant glow? You can either drink your way there, or go the topical route by rubbing it all over your skin.

Ingesting the finely milled green tea (made by grinding the entire tea leaf) has major antioxidant benefits, and the L-theanine found in the tea plant helps fight stress before it takes its toll on your complexion. But applying the tea topically is equally as effective—if not more so. The powder's vibrant green hue comes from its high chlorophyll content, which helps remove toxins from your skin when applied directly.

Although the benefits of matcha have been widely praised for centuries in Asia, the beauty industry has only recently taken note. Here, we present the brands that are helping us matcha-ify our beauty routine.

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Faerie Organic taps the wonders of seaweed to additionally fortify this matcha green tea cleanser with added nutrients. The two main ingredients reduce redness and inflammation, and help boost the amino acids your skin needs.

Matcha Green Tea Cleanser, $15,
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For a Matcha-Tinted Bath

Rough skin is no match for this radiant green bath soak. One dip into the mix of matcha and organic whole milk will leave your skin refreshed and supple. The clementine scent will leave you perfectly perfumed, too.

Matcha & Clementine Body Soak by Mox Botanicals, $16,
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For Rubbing All Over

This Matcha Body Wash not only gently cleanses your skin without irritation, but its aromatic mix of ginseng, shiso leaf, and spicy cardamom is unbeatable.

Body Wash by Thymes Jade, $11,
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For Anti-Aging

Alder New York's powdered (and travel-sized!) face mask blends matcha, French green clay, honey, and organic horsetail powder, made from a type of grass that's a natural source of silicone. While the matcha works its detoxifying powers, the honey helps you retain moisture.

Matcha & Honey Face Mask, $4.50,
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For Rejuvenating Your Skin

If there's an all-natural beauty ingredient we love more than matcha, it's coconut oil. This wonderful moisturizer is made from both, which means there's no better way to keep your body looking fresh, bright, and hydrated.

Organic Matcha Face Moisturizer, $16,

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For the Ultimate Exfoliation

Santa Cruz-based Urb Apothecary specializes in formulating plant-based beauty products without the use of any weird additives. Their Matcha Sugar Scrub is made exclusively with coconut oil, raw sugar, green tea, and shredded raw coconut. It doesn't get more natural than that.

Matcha Sugar Scrub by Urb Apothecary, $18,
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For a Triple Threat Face Mask

The ingredients in Pangea Organics' facial mask sound more like the makings of a twelve-dollar smoothie from your local juicery, but the blend of matcha, acai, and goji berry is an antioxidant powerhouse for your skin, too.

Facial Mask, $50,
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