What's in a Spritz?

More than you might think. An aromatherapeutic spray can be the solution to a whole list of complaints, from insomnia to a lack of focus. And it's not just your physical well-being they can affect—they can transform the energy in your space, too. Find the remedy you've been looking for below.

What if you could improve your mood, simply by breathing? That's the idea behind these herbal room and body sprays, which use oil and water extracted from plants and herbs that enhance surroundings and help balance out your thoughts and emotions. Everybody knows that lavender calms nerves and lulls you to sleep, but did you know that moldy wood and fennel could be invigorating and clarity-inducing agents?

Find the right magic potion for you and give your room (and body) a couple spritzes—don't forget to breathe deeply!

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Stay on Task

Rosemary, lemongrass, and clove come together to help keep you focused. Use this before heading to the office, creating your next masterpiece, or to get in the zone prior to any event that would require your complete, undivided attention.

Focus Mist, $24, vitruvi.com.

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Sleep Deeply

The main ingredient in your new nighttime staple is oil from the St. John's wort flower, which helps soothe your hard-working brain. Spritz this onto your pillow to help ensure a good night's rest.

Sleepy Cow Calming Pillow Mist Spray, $25, cowshed.com.
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Wake Up Refreshed

Jumpstart your morning routine with a couple pumps of this rosemary- and mint-infused formula—the invigorating scent might just mean you can skip your cup of coffee.

Aromatherapy Room and Body Rosemary Mint Spray by Zum Mist, $11, indigowild.com.

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Stay Optimistic

Take in the aroma of this spruce- and pine-needle scented spray and recalibrate your energy. Just think about it: an optimistic, balanced mood yields better results, decisions, and overall wellness.

Hope Aromatherapy Room Mist, $14, rareearthnaturals.com.
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Free Your Mind

Say goodbye to mood swings with the transportative scents of bitter fennel, lime, and witch hazel. Start your day off with it, or create a nighttime hideaway with a blanket, your current Netflix obsession, and a spritz or three.

Repose, $16, amachronicles.com.

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Get Back to Basics

The earthy notes of rosewood and vetiver in this "Atmosphere Mist" will leave you feeling grounded and calm. It's meditation in scent form.

Rosewater + Vetiver Atmosphere Mist, $24, figandyarrow.com.

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Find Your Om

In advance of yoga or meditation, fill your space with Child's Pose—the blend of clary sage, jasmine, and grapefruit will help you maintain a quiet and open mind throughout practice.

Child's Pose Mediation Mist, $24, soul-sunday.com.

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Keep the Peace

Fun fact: the main note in this spray comes from agarwood, a pricey heartwood that gets its scent from mold. Yes, that's right—mold could be the key to cozying up your room and curling up with a new book.

Aura Room + Body Spray, $40, sigilscent.com.

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Say Goodbye to Negativity

Sage is known to rid spaces of bad vibes. This potent sage spray has the same soul-lifting properties as sage smudge sticks with no pesky fire, or smoke.

White Sage Herbal Water, $20, aquariansouldesigns.com.

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