A Great Haircut Is Only the Beginning

If you want your hair to live up to its greatest potential (of course you do!), you need to use the right styling products, and we're not talking about kind you have to plug in. A great texturizer can make a big difference, and they come in enough different forms—powders, waxes, mousses—to work with almost every hair type. But which one will work for you, you ask? Let's find out.

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If you want your natural waves to be more defined—or if you need to create them from scratch—you'll want to try this taffy. Apply to your hair in sections, making sure to work the product into strands in a downward motion. It will smooth out frizz and add dimension.

Wave Create Texture Taffy, $26, ouidad.com.

When you don't feel like doing any intense styling post-shower, add a quarter-sized dollop of this cream to damp hair. Scrunch and finger-comb until you reach your desired level of "I-don't-care-but-I-kind-of-do" faux bedhead.

Texture Hair Undressing Crème, $31, bumbleandbumble.com.
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Beachhead is like bedhead's more outdoorsy cousin—and achieving it only requires a couple spritzes of sea-salt spray (try saying that ten times fast). Apply this David Mallett product a day or two after a wash, as your hair's natural oils will help balance out the salt's drying effects. Australian Salt Spray by David Mallett, $40, shen-beauty.com.

If your haircut has layers, invest in a pomade that's flexible, yet strong. This sculpting clay allows you to bend strands easily, and the final product can be as choppy or as smooth as you want it to be.

Sculpting Clay, $14, verbproducts.com.
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Sometimes you need a product that deconstructs texture a bit, especially if you're going for a put-together updo. Smooth a bit of this lotion into your strands to give hair a soft texture without losing any body. Secure hair with a clip, and then use a little bit more of the product to tame any flyaways.

Dressed Up, $36, shophairstory.com.

The key to a successful twist-out 'fro is the product, and Miss Jessie's original meringue is a solid choice. Apply a generous amount of the meringue in sections, then divide each section into two parts and twist them together. (Repeat the same process for each section.) Let the twists set overnight and in the morning unwind them and fluff—your efforts will yield defined, frizz-free coils.

Curly Meringue, $18, missjessies.com.
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Limp, flat hair can be easily lifted with the right volumizing powder. Add Fat Dust to your roots and tease with your fingers or a small-toothed comb—it's the next best thing to a blowout.

Fat Dust by Whitelabelsample, $14, urbanoutfitters.com.

One of the most effective ways to add texture to any hair type is a braid…or two, or three. Start out with this spray—it will help hold the sections together and keep the waves defined after you take your braid(s) out.

Dry Texture Spray, $28, moroccanoil.com.
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