Healthy Hair Starts at Your Roots

To get strong, shiny strands, you have to give your scalp some attention. The right scalp treatments can break down buildup, stimulate circulation, and nourish follicles—resulting in your best hair ever. These are the products that will make a difference.

The most neglected part of your hair-care routine may be the most important. Scalp treatments are essential for anyone who wants to grow healthy, shiny hair (so, everyone)—not just those who find themselves with itchy, dry, or flaky scalps. With exfoliation and some extra nourishment, you can improve your scalp health, resulting in increased hair growth and volume. Plus, strands can be strengthened with an added boost of proteins and antioxidants in the right products. Simply put? The secret to good hair starts at the scalp.

Now, find the best treatments for you below.

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Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial by Alterna, $36,

The combination of a bristle applicator and microbeads makes this scalp treatment extra efficient. Work the product into your scalp with gentle strokes to help remove dirt and buildup.

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Deep Micro-Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, $20,

This dermatologist-tested scalp treatment loosens buildup to stimulate a healthy turnover of dead skin cells, so your hair can grow faster and stronger.

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Dream Come True Wonderful Scalp Exfoliator by Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture, $32,

Formulated with shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil, Madam C.J. Walker's scalp exfoliator deep-conditions hair while also revitalizing the scalp by removing buildup and flakes.

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ReNu Scalp Therapy by Neuma Beauty, $25,

Lavender and bamboo extracts add a soothing touch to this gentle exfoliator. Plus, its light peppermint-vanilla scent is seriously refreshing.

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Exfoliating Scalp Mask, $30,

Not only does this antimicrobial mask remove dead skin cells, it also works to counteract buildup in the first place. Let it sit for 10 to 20 minutes and follow with shampoo and conditioner to revitalize your strands and scalp alike.

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Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask by Keranique, $45,

This mask will give thin hair a volumizing boost by clearing scalp buildup and giving roots a lift. With the help of protein-boosting technology, your chemically damaged hair will look and feel healthier than ever.

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Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt by Christophe Robin, $52,

This dual scrub and shampoo is enriched with sea salt, which gently cleanses both sensitive and oily scalps, removing buildup and chemical residue from bleach.

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Green Olive and Lavender Scalp Oil by Earth's Nectar, $19,

This oil, infused with natural lavender and green olive extracts, removes buildup and calms irritation without leaving strands greasy.

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Cake Restorative Scalp Tonic by Reverie, $72,

Made with organic ingredients, including rose water and vanilla bean oil, this deep-conditioning tonic calms flyaways and frizz while also stimulating hair growth.

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Scalp Therapy, $18,

When paired with a scalp massage, this oil-based product stimulates blood flow to encourage hair growth. Andiroba oil is especially soothing for tightly braided natural hair.

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