What's spicy, sweet, and pleasant with every spritz? The alluring smell of neroli. It's a classic, refreshing antidote to heavy and overpowering perfumes. Get to know more about it and shop for a fragrance of your own below.

Neroli oil derives from bitter orange trees and naturally gives off an aroma that is a blend of spice, citrus, and floral scents. Marie Anne de la Trémoille, the princess de Ursins, is said to have popularized neroli in the 1800s after she infused her gloves and baths with bitter orange essence. Since she was the princess of Nerola, Italy, the scent was given the "neroli" title.

At once full-bodied and light, neroli is one of the most unisex and versatile scents out there. The orange notes brighten the scent, which aligns with the overall vibe of summer—but neroli's zesty edge also allows it to easily transition into a fall scent that's cool, sexy, and quite relaxing.

Ready to make the switch to a smooth spritz of neroli? Sniff out the options below!

From: AR Revista
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Bergamot & Neroli Eau de Toilette, $12,
Neroli by Demeter, $27,
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Neroli Forever, $42,
Herrera For Men, $47,
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Néroli & Orchidée Eau de Toilette, $65,
Bluebird Eau De Parfum, $80,
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Efflor Esce by Nomenclature, $165,
Rain Day, $175,
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Neroli 36, $175,
Eau De Néroli Doré Eau De Cologne, $175,
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