Essential Oils Are the Stress Antidote You Need

Do yourself a favor and get acquainted with Waft Aromatics.

Before founding Waft Aromatics, Erin Girard had had trouble sleeping. She tossed and turned but wanted to stay away from sleeping pills. Eventually she turned to a natural remedy: essential oils.

"Up until this point I had lumped essential oils in with crystals and tarot cards, but I was so desperate to find a non-addictive sleep aid that I figured it was worth a try," the San Francisco resident says. "I experimented with tons of different oil blends, ultimately creating one that lulled me into a deep and peaceful sleep every time. My mind was blown."

With a newfound interest in the powers of essential oils, Girard began reading up on oils and tinkering with them to craft antidotes for all sorts of maladies. She launched Waft Aromatics this past April to share her creations with the world. "It took a lot of research and experimentation to nail the oil blends," she says. "But the positive response from customers has made it all worth it."

Need some extra help fighting anxiety, insomnia, and stress? Below, Girard explains the benefit of each of Waft's handcrafted sprays.

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Go the Bleep to Sleep, $22,

"The formula that started it all. I hate to play favorites, but this one is my favorite! Go the Bleep to Sleep allows your body to let go of mental chatter and anxiety while inviting sound sleep."

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Sunday Scaries, $22,

"The antidote to those too-familiar Sunday night feelings, Sunday Scaries dissipates fears and anxieties while promoting sound sleep."

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Cramp Killer, $22,

"As someone who suffers from pretty intense menstrual cramps, this formula has been a lifesaver. Cramps that would have normally put me out of commission for a day can't stand up to this formula."

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Hocus Focus, $22,

"The best way to start your day! This blend of peppermint and basil pulls me out of that foggy morning haze that can be so hard to shake."

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Release the Peace, $22,

"This formula combats anxiety and stress while promoting emotional stability and an optimistic outlook. I like to keep one in my purse to pull out when I'm stuck in traffic."

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Seduction Spray, $22,

"Sharing testimonials for this formula gets very explicit, very fast! This powerful aphrodisiac is Waft's most complex recipe and a fan favorite."

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PMS Potion, $22,

"This formula packs a punch: it helps promote feelings of steadiness and calm, while combatting bloating and preventing cramps in the days leading up to your period."

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