6 New Gadgets You Should Know About

A hair printer, a smart mirror, and a magic stick walk into a bathroom...and they are, thankfully, no joke.

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An LED Face Mask You Can Actually Afford

What It Is: Neutrogena's created a new, at-home LED face mask that uses the powers of LED light to combat blemishes and help heal acne-prone complexions.

Why It's Important: Celebrities have been posting slightly terrifying selfies of themselves with similar mask treatments, but here's the thing: they're getting those professionally done at the cost of $2,000 or more, and even some at-home options can cost upwards of $200. Now, thanks to Neutrogena, there's an option that comes in at the much friendlier price of $40, which appeals to a wider audience of customers who have to contend with blemished skin on a daily basis. 

Light Therapy Acne Mask, $40, neutrogena.com.
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Command+P for Gorgeous Hair

What It Is: L'Oréal is joining forces with Poietis, a biotech company, to design a 3-D hair printer that can print synthetic hair follicles.

Why It's Important: Because science is so, so cool, there are already machines that create tissues to help with research and procedures like skin transplants—but L'Oréal's new venture would be the first to create hair. They hope the printer will give researchers a better understanding of how hair works and the causes of hair loss. They're also planning to find out whether these synthetic follicles can function without the presence of natural hair, in which case they would be perfect for use in hair transplants.

Photograph courtesy of Getty Images
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This Smart Mirror Sees Ev-er-y-thing

What It Is: Panasonic has a prototype mirror in the works that scans your face to find all blemishes, UV damage, and discoloration (ugh, we know).

Why It's Important: Although this sounds like the worst, meanest mirror ever invented, it can actually help us better understand our skin issues. Once the mirror identifies your problem areas, it will dispense the perfect amount of foundation and concealer. Yes, this might be the most revolutionary mirror since the one used by the 

 Photograph courtesy of Engadget/Mat Smith, @thatmatsmith

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The Hydration Helper

What It Is: Lvl is yet another fitness tracker to hit the market, but it separates itself from the pack with a special feature dedicated to hydration, monitoring your water intake throughout the day.

Why It's Important: Water helps your skin glow and makes you better equipped to withstand the elements (wind, smog, etc.). So, the Lvl can help ensure you replenish your body with the H2O needed to maintain a healthy complexion—and it also tracks your heart rate, calorie intake, physical activity, mood, and the quality of your sleep. 

The Lvl tracker will cost $199 and is expected to ship by summer 2017.
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A Stick That Smooths Skin on the Go

What It Is: Our favorite smizing supermodel, Tyra Banks, just released The Secret Weapon, an exfoliating stick that clears away rough patches and rejuvenates tired skin. 

Why It's Important: Other than the fact that it's created by a world-famous supermodel? The stick tool makes exfoliating all the more convenient, buffing the skin with fine crystals and blood-orange complex, an extract known for its antibacterial properties. 

The Secret Weapon Microdermabrasion Wand, $49, tyra.com.
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The Razor That's Heating Things Up

What It Is: Two brothers have taken to Kickstarter to fund their SmartRazor, a shaver with heated blades.

Why It's Important: According to the brand's research, steaming up the blades makes it easier to get a closer, more soothing shave. Will it even help with razor burn and nicks? Only time will tell (provided it gets funded in 42 days, of course).

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