This Halloween Makeup Is Better Than a Costume

Because you can wear it year-round! We found inspiration from New York Comic Con's cosplayers—which you can dial up or dial down as you see fit.

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The Classic Reds

Name: Kim, from Long Island

Character: Wonder Woman

What You'll Need: Gold eye shadow, red lipstick, black eyeliner, eyebrow filler, fake eyelashes

As a Halloween Look: Double down on color and line definition. A bombshell red lip and shimmering gold eye shadow are the centerpieces of this look, but don't be afraid to create a bold, full brow. A winged eye and heavy lashes will add extra drama.

As a Daily Go-To: Ditch the liner and the fake lashes. The red lipstick and a swipe of gold shadow are all you need to make a statement. "I use the Trick shade from Urban Decay's Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette," Kim says.

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Name: Lauren, from Milford, New Jersey

Character: Black Canary Bombshell

What You'll Need: Dark red lipstick, black mascara, black eyeliner

As a Halloween Look: This is basically just a classic, Old Hollywood look. Make sure the lipstick is darker than a Corvette red. Create a thick winged eye on the top lid, with a thinner line on the bottom lid. Add a beauty mark above the left corner of your mouth. Now you're Black Canary Bombshell.

As a Daily Go-To: The only change you need to make to take this from everyday to Halloween is remove that beauty mark. Or not. 

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The Dramatics

Name: Marsha, from Brooklyn

Character: "An update on Storm."

What You'll Need: Ice blue cream shadow, silver glitter shadow, a surprising piece of headwear.

As a Halloween Look: Use the blue cream shadow to draw a triangle of color under the eyes reaching down the cheeks. Do the same for the outer corners of the eye. Line the bottom lashes with the silver shadow. Top it off with a thin circlet that adds a little millennial glamour to the costume.

As a Daily Go-To: Limit the blue shadow to the top lid, and use the silver shadow as a liner on your bottom lashes. A thin metal circlet actually translates easily from a Halloween party to just a regular Saturday night out with friends.

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Name: Lizmary, from Jersey City

Character: Raven from Teen Titans

What You'll Need: Black eyeliner, fake eyelashes, mauve lipstick, glitter pigment, gray eye shadow, purple and black mascara

As a Halloween Look: Layer on the gray eye shadow and blend upward past the eyelid crease. Create a thick winged eye, and add the fake eyelashes. On your forehead, use the eyeliner to draw a diamond, and then fill it in with the glitter pigment.

As a Daily Go-To: Stripped to its basic components, this look is actually just a twist on basic neutrals. A mauve lipstick is an unexpected take on a nude color (it's not quite purple, but not really fleshy either). Line your top lid with black, and give your top lashes a coat of black mascara. Then swipe a coat of purple mascara on your bottom lashes, for a small, but head-turning pop of color.

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The Neutrals

Name: Brittany, from Long Island

Character: Daenerys

What You'll Need: Lipstick in a MLBB shade, mascara, black eyeliner, dark brow filler, bronze shadow.

As a Halloween Look: Dany's dark brows are her oddest, best feature, so don't be afraid to use the brow filler liberally. Coat the top lid in the bronze shadow, and draw a winged eye to complete this regal-meets-romantic aesthetic.

As a Daily Go-To: A nude lipstick with just a bit of a pink tint might end up being your most-used product. "I used Kat Von D lipstick," Brittany says. "Actually, I have it in my pocket right here." Use the mascara and a little brow filler for some light definition.

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Name: Hendo, from Los Angeles

Character: Spider-Woman

What You'll Need: Nude lipstick, charcoal eye shadow, silver cream eye shadow, fake eyelashes

As a Halloween Look: Cover the top lid with the charcoal shadow, and dab silver cream shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. Add the fake eyelashes.

As a Daily Go-To: This is already such a simple look, there's very little that needs changing. Keep the charcoal eyeliner from seeming too out of place in a relaxed environment by using it as a liner on your top lid only. Apply mascara instead of fake eyelashes.

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Name: Emmanuelle, from Teaneck, New Jersey

Character: Mathilda from The Professional

What You'll Need: Nude lipstick, black eyeliner, black mascara

As a Halloween Look: Technically, this is even more makeup than Natalie Portman's character wears in The Professional, but it's probably a look you've worn often. Draw a thin winged eye, more a flick from the outer corners of your eye than a heavy cat eye. Add mascara. A nude lip keeps this relatively chill.

As a Daily Go-To: Literally the same!

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The Ultra-Cute Pinks

Name: Mariku, from Japan

Character: Comfy cozy Harley Quinn

What You'll Need: Pink cream eye shadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, pink lip stain

As a Halloween Look: The whole point of this Harley-Quinn-in-pajamas is that it's already pretty laid-back. However, if  you're looking to up the ante, swap out the soft shadow for a neon pink, and blend it further toward your brow. Do the same with your lip stain, for a shocking pop of color.

As a Daily Go-To: As is, our Harley Quinn's look is made for everyday wear. The slightest winged eye is offset by an eye shadow in a sunrise pink that matches your lipstick.

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Name: Jordan, from New York

Character: Sailor Moon

What You'll Need: Coral lipstick, shimmery pink highlighter, pink blush, black eyeliner, black mascara

As a Halloween Look: Take Sailor Moon's inherent cute-factor a step further by generously applying highlighter under the eyes for skin that seems to glow pink.

As a Daily Go-To: Is there a more adorable, more overtly feminine superhero than Sailor Moon? This incredibly precious look is all about pink lips, ultra-light pink blush, and eyeliner layered on the top lid to make you seem as wide-eyed as possible.

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