6 Products Makeup Artists Can't Live Without

Seriously, the pros know what's what. Let us benefit from their wisdom.

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Staple No. 1: Serum

Why It's a Staple: "I'm obsessed with Vintner's Daughter lately. It's an amazing oil, smells fantastic, and instantly hydrates the skin." —Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist

How She Uses It: "I put it on before makeup and sometimes pat it on the skin later in the day for a reviving glow."

Active Botanical Serum, $185, vintnersdaughter.com.  

Staple No. 2: Lipstick

Why It's a Staple: "Lipsticks are a must-have because they can become a multitasking product. I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics' Lip Tars." —Jeffrey Paul, celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist

How He Uses It: "You can add a flush to your cheeks to add a youthful glow. You can even apply it to your eyes for a polished look." 

Lip Tar in Fleshworld, $16, occmakeup.com available at nordstrom.com.
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Staple No. 3: Blotting Papers

Why It's a Staple: "Blotting papers are the greatest catchalls." —Harper, editorial makeup artist

How She Uses It: "They're great for blotting off oil from your forehead and nose, and when placed under the eyes, they catch eye shadow that might fall when applying. Plus, you can use them to blot lips in order to take down the intensity of lip color."

Roll + Blot, $10, milkmakeup.com available at sephora.com.

Staple No. 4: All-in-One Pigment

Why It's a Staple: "This is my must-have product in my kit: it's great when teamed up with a Beautyblender." —Blondie, celebrity hair, makeup, and grooming artist  

How She Uses It: "You can mix it with moisturizer to make a tinted balm, or double it up as a concealer. Since the pigment is so strong, the tiniest bit goes a long way." 

The Sensual Skin Enhancer, $48, kevynaucoin.com available at sephora.com.
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Staple No. 5: Beauty Sponge

Why It's a Staple: "I always have a Beautyblender in my kit. It makes applying foundation a breeze, causing it to go evenly on the skin." —Megan Lanoux, celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist

How She Uses It: "If you want your foundation to look more matte, use the sponge when it's dry, but if you want a more lightweight glow, get the sponge wet." 

The Original, $20, beautyblender.com available at sephora.com.

Staple No. 6: Eyelash Curler

Why It's a Staple: "The one thing I always carry in my kit is the Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler. Curling your lashes instantly opens up your eyes, so you look more awake." —Desirae Cherman, celebrity makeup artist

How She Uses It: "I use my blow-dryer to apply a little heat to the curler, which helps your lashes bend and stay curled!"

Eyelash Curler, $21, kevynaucoin.com available at amazon.com.
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