Magical Elixirs for Better Hair, Skin, and Nails

The next generation of superfood powders are helping clear skin, grow hair, and strengthen nails from the inside out. Just scoop, stir, and sip.

Having a rough time keeping your skin in check? Walter Faulstroh, founder of HUM Nutrition, knows the feeling. After years of struggling with breakouts and finding no luck with various prescribed skin-care drugs, the half-German, half-Austrian entrepreneur decided to take matters into his own hands. "I felt like, you know what? There may be another way to deal with this," says Faulstroh. "I met with nutritionists in London about fixing my skin through making lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, and by eliminating sugar and certain fats from my diet."

After moving to Los Angeles to start HUM Nutrition, Faulstroh realized there was still a lot of confusion about the relationship between your diet and your skin, so he built a platform that connects consumers with nutritionists to help navigate that space. The website also offers a quiz, which you can take for free at, that acts as a starting off point to help you customize their 3,000 product combinations for your needs.

"Often I tell people to actually try to eat what their bodies need first, instead of just taking a supplement," says Faulstroh. "This sounds counterintuitive because I've started a supplement company—but there are certain nutrients you should really get out of your diet, and there are others that are much harder to get. Like adaptogens, for example. You will not find adaptogens or probiotics in normal diet, unless you eat a lot of kimchi or sauerkraut."

Not a fan of sauerkraut? HUM has your back. But remember that health isn't a one-pill-fixes-all situation. "It's not just about supplements," explains Faulstroh, "it's also about a holistic lifestyle. Say you drink heavily or you eat lots of sugary foods. I would highly recommend you exclude those as well because your skin may react to that and you don't want to have a diet that creates inflammation." Faulstroh's favorite way to drink the superfood powders? "I love it in almond milk, personally. It's delicious."

Try one for yourself! Here are nine of our favorite beautifying powders.

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Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder, $39,

What It Is and What It Does: This powder supports glowing skin and a healthy metabolism with detoxifying herbs, beauty-boosting phytonutrients, alkalizing greens, and digestion-supporting fiber. 

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Beautiful, $78,

What It Is and What It Does:  A blend of multivitamins, medicinal mushrooms, nutritious superfoods, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and nourishing herbs help clear and brighten your complexion and strengthen hair and nails.

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Skin Food + Prebiotic by The Nue Co., $75,

What It Is and What It Does: Organic lucuma, baobab, camu camu, and brown rice proteins work to feed the friendly bacteria in your gut, aid digestion, and stabilize blood sugar levels to support a healthy metabolism.

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The Collagen Booster, $80,

What It Is and What It Does: This mixture contains hydrolysed collagen, pomegranate, and green tea extracts to plump up skin and restore elasticity.  

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Power Dust, $30,

What It Is and What It Does: An ancient adaptogenic concoction of ginseng, rhodiola, astragalus, and eleuthero helps to regulate your body's energy and support a healthy metabolism.

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Tocos by Sun Potion, $35,

What It Is and What It Does: Tocos are derived from rice bran solubles and adaptogens rich in vitamins E and D that promote healthy skin and help remove toxins from the body.

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Blue Green Protein, $35,

What It Is and What It Does: Nourishes skin with a protein-rich blend of spirulina, tocotrienols, and Himalayan pink salt.

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Stamba Perform, $89,

What It Is and What It Does: This mix of organic superfoods strengthens immunity, supports circulation, and helps reduce inflammation.

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Glow Advanced Inner Beauty Powder, $60,

What It Is and What It Does: These naturally bio-fermented superfoods, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals have proven to improve skin's tone, texture, and clarity.

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