Your New Favorite Beauty Ingredient Is All Around You

Here's why oxygen is going to give you your brightest skin yet.

Without oxygen, life on earth would be an impossibility. It's crucial for the survival of the planet's flora and fauna—and just as important for clear, glowing skin. All you need is an oxygenating product to give your beauty routine a breath of fresh air.

"Oxygen is an ideal ingredient for anyone who has sun-damaged or dull skin," says Nandi Wagoner, esthetician at Bliss Soho. "It prevents the growth and development of bacteria that can lead to acne and helps increase circulation, bringing much-needed nutrients and lymphatic fluid to the skin's surface—all of which ultimately leads to brighter and more lively skin."

Ready to introduce this unexpected ingredient to your routine? Take a deep breath—here are seven options.

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No. 1: The Detoxing Cleanser

Morning and night, use this cleanser to make your skin really clean—no scrubbing necessary. With vitamin C and a dose of oxygen, this face wash reinvigorates dull skin after a long day (or night).

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam, $14,

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No. 2: The Bubble Effect

Do you ever apply a face mask and think, "This could use more bubbles"? Peter Thomas Roth's oxygenating mask not only cools and brightens your skin—it also makes for some good, clean fun.

Brightening Bubbling Mask by Peter Thomas Roth, $55,

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No. 3: The Ultra-Strength Mask

Whether you're prepping for a big event or you just want to treat yourself to a fancy at-home facial, this mask uses Swiss technology to completely refresh your skin. Vitamin A gives this product an additional anti-aging effect.

Intensive Oxygen Face Mask, $60,

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No. 4: The Quick Fix

When you have mere minutes to give your complexion a boost, this three-minute mask will be your savior. There's no reason you can't do a face mask in the morning, even if you did hit snooze a few too many times.

Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask, $70,

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No. 5: The Ultimate Restorer

During allergy season, your skin might start to lose its natural glow. A trusty oxygen cream will help keep your skin decongested 24/7, whether you're combating excess pollen or city smog.

Oxygen Cream by Natura Bisse, $94,

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No. 6: The Cooling Cream

After a tiring day, nothing feels quite as relaxing as slathering on a cool layer of hydrating face cream. This option from Skyn Iceland uses oxygen to smooth your skin's tone and reduce inflammation.

Oxygen Infusion Night Cream by Skyn Iceland, $65,

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No. 7: The Smog-Lifter

Introducing oxygen into your skin-care routine doesn't have to break the bank. This affordable bubble mask uses oxygen for a detoxing effect. Plus, vitamin E nourishes skin and keeps it soft.

Bubble Mask Detoxifying and Oxygenating by Sephora Collection, $19,

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