Need New Face Masks to Obsess Over?

Maybe you're ready to go beyond those magical Korean sheet masks.

There are lots of other #MaskAndChill capitals around the world. Check them out below!

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South Africa

They're all about the three R's: reset, repair, rejuvenate.

Key Ingredients: Marula oil, antioxidants, coconut oil

Best For: Dehydrated skin that has some irritation.

The Biggest Beauty Trends: With essential oils packed into masks, South Africans know how to achieve a glowing complexion—one that's healthy inside and out.

The marula tree, which is indigenous to southern and western Africa, produces the fruit from which marula oil is derived. It's packed with vitamin C, a nutrient that saves your face from discoloration and rough texture. Further proof that nature is skin's best friend!

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Get Into South Africa's Best Masks

Salon Skin Thermal Rescue Masque, $11,

Nourishing Mask and Polish, $28,

Ruby Marine Overnight Hydrating Mask, $35,

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"Brazil loves smooth skin!" ❤️❤️❤️

Key Ingredients: Clay, peptides, soy

Best For: Dull complexions and preventing signs of aging.

The Biggest Beauty Trends: Brazilians want things to look as plump and healthy as possible. So that means many of their skin-care products include peptides to promote collagen production, while clarifying and skin-smoothing ingredients make sure blemishes and hyperpigmentation are problems of the past.

Ceramic clay (which is in the Feito Brasil mask we'll be recommending in the next Snap) is easy to find in Brazil, a clay-rich nation that is home to clays in various hues, such as pink, yellow, and purple, which you can use on skin and hair.  

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Thrilling Brazilian Masks

Clay Face Mask, $27,

Gold Mask, $59,

Antiacne Facial Mask, $46,

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Want fresh-looking skin? Try out recipes that have been brightening complexions for thousands of years.

Key Ingredients: Turmeric, sandalwood, almond

Best For: Evening out skin tone and giving dull complexions a lasting glow.

The Biggest Beauty Trends: Indian skin-care regimes tend toward natural, gentle ingredients instead of stronger chemical exfoliants. Following in the Ayurvedic tradition, health is viewed holistically—so, if you are taking care of your body, then your skin should reflect that.

Turmeric, which can be found in plenty of Indian dishes in addition to beauty products, is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice that can help regulate both your inner health and your skin. For an easy DIY mask, mix just a pinch of powdered turmeric with a dash of milk, some plain yogurt, and a squirt of honey for an instant glow.

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India's Time-Tested Masks

Purifying Neem Mask by Himalaya Herbals, $6,

Ultimate Brightening Face Mask, $70,

Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask, $39,

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Detox and soothe your skin with the natural ingredients from these bountiful islands.

Key Ingredients: Volcanic ash, algae, honey

Best For: Oily or inflamed skin in need of a gentle detox and a nourishing boost.

The Biggest Beauty Trends: Since the islands of Hawaii are filled with so many nutrient-filled plants and minerals, locals' natural skin-care routines make use of regional ingredients easily. Everything from hydrating coconut oil to vitamin-rich wildflower honey to antioxidant-packed algae can work together to balance a variety of skin types.

There are three active volcanoes in Hawaii, one of which has been erupting continuously for the past 34 years—which means that it provides plenty of ash that can be used to clear skin. Volcanic ash is antibacterial, and its fine texture helps it work as a gentle exfoliator, making a natural two-in-one ingredient.

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Say "Aloha" to Hawaii's Skin-Clearing Masks

The Pele Mask, $60,

Mermaid Mask, $32,

Rejuvenating Mask, $28,

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Keep your skin hydrated with the help of cooling glacial water and mineral-rich mud.

Key Ingredients: Berry oils, glacial water, black mud, clay

Best For: Dry, weathered skin that needs hydration that will actually last.

The Biggest Beauty Trends: Ingredients from land and sea work together to create powerful skin-care products in this region. Alpha hydroxy acids found in natural ingredients like berries exfoliate the skin to give it a glow, while aged clay and black mud eradicate complexion-clouding toxins.

Glacial water that's often used in Scandinavian skin care is pure because it comes from glaciers that have existed for thousands of years before pollution existed. In Iceland, that water gets an extra round of filtering when it travels underground through the country's volcanic bedrock—making this ingredient perfect for sensitive skin.

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Scandinavia's Standout Stress-Relievers

Fresh Start Mask With Ice Age Mud, $39,

Berry Nurturing Gel Mask by Ole Henriksen, $36,

Sea & Moss Face Mask, $26,

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