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When your everyday bar of soap just doesn't feel special enough, consider treating yourself to a cleanser with an extra-special ingredient.

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We'll agree that Peter Thomas Roth's newest cleanser may seem like the ultimate skincare gimmick. But! Having road-tested the product ourselves, we can report that it is, in fact, legit. Cleansing butter, unlike traditional soap-based face wash, is extra moisturizing, and uses oils to break down dirt and makeup. Unless you have ultra-oily skin, generally, the more moisture the better when it comes to keeping skin happy.

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Peter Thomas Roth's cleansing butter contains chamomile and honey to pamper skin, and the genuine 24K gold particles impart a heavenly glow to your visage. The product comes packaged with a nifty applicator sponge so that you get an added bonus of exfoliation every time you cleanse. And while the cost is certainly steep for a face wash, consider how pampered you'll feel using it. Cleansing Butter: $55. Feeling like royalty after you've had a rough day? Invaluable.

24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter, $55,

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