This Candle Smells Like Lipstick and Handbags

Girly girls, rejoice.

Designer Olympia Le-Tan, beloved for her whimsical, embroidered-bookcover bags, has teamed up with candlemaker Diptyque to create an exclusive new scented offering: Rosaviola. Le-Tan gives Diptyque's classic packaging a redesign in her signature style, complete with a playful pink exterior, embroidered lettering, and appliqué kisses. Both the look and scent are super romantic and utterly feminine and, fittingly, so is the scent, with hints of rose, violet, and lipstick (!) mingling to create a hypnotic effect.

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Rosaviola candle, 2.4 oz., $35; and 6.4 oz., $67; all,

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